Millennial Olkhon larch killed by an ax


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14.07.11.Trevozhnye news coming from the camp of scientists Baikal National Park, which determine the extent of environmental catastrophe on Olkhon caused by long-term influx of individual tourists.
The overall degradation of flora and fauna unique nature is confirmed by concrete glaring fact: under the ax of tourists vandals killed centuries larch, locals hounded most revered in these parts of birds — eagles, golden eagles.

One such place is located a few kilometers from the village Khuzhir, it is a wetland meadow in the middle of a small lagoon and covered with unique plants, sandy beach. Apart Olkhon such landscapes can boast only the Baltic states, with the only difference being that the nature of Baikal degrades much faster. In the past, the Baikal nesting flocks of rare species, including those listed in the Red Book. Ornithologists now sounding the alarm — the nest empty.

— Togo abundance of birds that we saw 10 years ago, has not, — said Vitaly Ryabtsev. — A particular danger to the flora and fauna of Olkhon dunes are off-road vehicles and ATVs. Deep wounds from treading on thin vegetation we find everywhere, the noise of engines scares birds. In such areas, we plan to install shields that people have reported that the place is valuable to researchers that the traffic is prohibited. Walk walk, sunbathe, go fishing — please, but to put up tents, bonfires can not categorically. The second danger — Khuzhir settlement expansion, as far as I know, the construction can go up to the land of sand hills, this will lead to the disappearance of birds!

Another negative fact, during the first days of Environmental Studies — the probability of death on the island of nesting eagles, golden eagles.

— This nesting site I watch since 1981 — says Vitali Ryabtsev. — How much does he inhabited before my findings? Perhaps, for many centuries. The Eagles are a sacred bird for local residents, people never caused harm Raptors, but the couple apparently died on the wolf bait. We received verbal information that wolves damage to livestock, and local residents have scattered on the trails poisoned meat, only wintering eagles on the island of golden eagles in the choice of food less cautious than the four-legged predators. I suspect that the unique pair, which I watched for so many years, was accidentally poisoned people.

There are members of the expedition, and examples of the conscious destruction of unique natural features.

— 18 km from the village Khuzhir, in the north-west coast of Olkhon we observe the inhabitants of the ancient sands — bizarre shape larches that remember even no other era — a different climate. Now we act as helpless observers sunset their long history — says senior researcher of the Siberian Institute of Physiology and Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences Love Kasyanov.

Trunks giants more than two-thirds buried in the sand. They survived the terrible storms, tree Celebration of Life, for example, fell to the ground at a mature age, hundreds of years continues to grow with almost a broken stem. Would continue to grow if the tourists do not support the trunk sawed off the branch. The tree severed paw Eagle "claws", rhizomes, which can also lead to his death, and kept under the Olkhon settled tents … environmental camp. Deep burns from a fire at the base of the trunk neobhvatnogo left in memory of the neighborhood with a wild camper.

— Great damage is the most famous tree Olkhon — Spider — continues Love Kasyanov. — It is a nine trunks lying on the ground of one tree, once broken by a hurricane. Under normal conditions, larch not reproduce vegetatively, it was in this case, due to the unique coincidence of many factors. When we visited this tree to bring in his catalog of GPS-coordinates, found that in one of the trunks stripped of bark and carved the inscription: "Anne, I love you!"

Many of the Vandals, to the scientists, just do not realize what a unique natural monument destroyed again when cut down for firewood is dry twig in their view of the tree, or drive the machine off the road into the dunes. Appeal to the conscience of tourists savages, the expedition did not find it useful. According to the results of field research, which will last until the end of July, Baikal National Park staff will prepare a detailed report on the status of the flora and fauna of Olkhon. This document could be the basis for the discussion of scientists, environmentalists and government officials on the need to restrict the entry of the island.

— Island should be closed to private vehicles, — said Vitaly Ryabtsev. — No other form of tourism, except the environment, here is unacceptable.

Press-service of the "Pure Shores of Lake Baikal"

Source: RIA "Siberian News»

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