Mites attack Mordovia. Video


17.05.12.V Mordovia recorded an unprecedented invasion of mites. While formerly they lived in the forest, are now at risk were parks and squares. The number of people bitten only in Saransk, compared with the previous year exceeds the figure is almost three times. This is just the beginning, says the sanitation centers.

Currently invasion mites expected in the next two weeks. Laboratory dangerous infections running in emergency mode. Examine the parasite, which was brought here victims themselves, or taken from the hospital. The result of examination is shocking, almost every second tick vector borreliosis, or simply put, Lyme disease.

Oh, and feel the unexpected guest in her body impossible as long as he does not drink the blood. After the fat leech leave the label. Finding it, immediately go to the hospital.

Mite extract yourself is dangerous to health — doctors warn today. The only sure way to protect against infection — vaccines and antibiotics. And of course when going to the nature protective clothing.

Source: STRC "Mordovia"

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