MLRS RM-70 demonstrated «100% accuracy»

 MLRS RM-70 demonstrated
Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (Royal Cambodian Armed Forces — RCAF) successfully conducted firing tests of new MLRS RM-70, in the exercise were also involved new tanks, reports December 31.

Armed forces commander Gen. Paul Sarouen (Pol Saroeun) said that not so long ago acquired tanks and MLRS RM-70 Czech production hit targets with «100% accuracy.» «Approved Now firings performed in order to protect the country that is our duty. We do not attack other countries, and will not allow even what country poruha us, «said Sarouen. The exercise was held in Kompong Speu province.

According to the general, combat exercises conducted as part of the yearly activities for training of personnel. Lieutenant General Sarath Ith (Ith Sarath) said that within 35 minutes was released in the general difficulties 145 missiles. Any PU RM-70 is armed with 40 missiles, which it can release within 20 seconds. Price missiles is from 1200 to 3800 U.S. dollars, volleys estimated near 174 thousand dollars Commenting price maneuvers Sarouen General said that they were carried out within the existing military budget.

In 2014, the country’s municipal budget was 3.4 billion dollars, the Ministry of Defence and the Interior will be focused 489 million dollars, which is 17% more than in 2013.

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