MoD takes cyberwar

MoD takes cyberwar
Aaplet creation combat bots hinder rather weak funding, lack of element base and brain drain

Yesterday the Ministry of Defense has approved a period until 2025 the conceptual development of robotic systems programm military use. It overlooked held in St. Petersburg visiting session of the Collegium of the military department. Ministry of Defense in the coming 10-12 years, together with representatives wants defense industry to make a series of different combat bots (including reconnaissance and strike), which are able to change personnel on the battlefield, as is done in the armies of advanced countries. However, in real time similar work is in its infancy — there prepyadstviya related to personal reasons and with the general technological backwardness of.

Field board started with visiting Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu 19th polygon «Rzhevka» near St. Petersburg, where he looked promising Russian military use robotic systems. In open to journalists of the show were presented Municipal Development Research Center «Central Research and Development Institute for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics.» Developments were many. Meanwhile, in the expert community believe that they still need to be improved and the backlog of in this issue there. According to one of the participants held in the northern capital board members Director Research and Training Center «Robotics» Bauman Alexei Maximov, «is no conventional financing, no salaries, work on the creation of robotics we are more like a hobby. In the main signal are standards that are not adapted to many tasks characteristic Defense Ministry troops. «

Maksimov concerned that many prepared for these purposes spetsy leave beyond. And bots created in the country (including the military) 90% elemental base imported. And this base (thermal imagers with the highest resolution, highest power board computers, motors, which are used for pan-tilt devices, etc.) is very hard to get, as in countries where they are carried out (USA, Taiwan, France, Israel and etc.), there are export bans.

According views Maximov is one — to make such a creation in Russia. But this requires significant material and financial resources. And most importantly — the position of military and political control of the country. «In my opinion, the former management of the Ministry of Defense in this area is very backward. Robotics in the United States developed intensively, already used a whole line of drones. And we have the last 20 years of development were conducted poorly and it was necessary to «get on the Furious» in recent years, but this has not been made. Let us hope that with the advent of the Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu positive changes occur in our army, «- said Maximov.

Judging from the disk imaging, coming from the Ministry of Defense, positive changes in the development and implementation of the troops robotic systems must occur in the coming years. Shoigu last winter decided to form Head Research and Test Center of Robotics (GNIITSR) that comes into the system promising military research and development (SPVIR) Ministry of Defence and is subject to particularly Deputy Defense Minister Colonel-General Oleg Ostapenko. Already appointed Managing GNIITSR and in real time is based on the deployment of the Center for the former Air Force Engineering Academy named after Zhukovsky near Moscow Monino. It is planned that there will be deployed modern scientific laboratory base for innovatorskih promising projects, including for robotic systems (RTC).

Head GNIITSR Colonel Roman Klimov said yesterday that «without waiting for the final formation of their own species, mainly the center is being developed promising scientific mechanized complexes in different areas: in the air, water and on land.» Klimov sure lately creation RTC will occur in collaboration with other research organizations in Russia and be accompanied by the formation of so-called scientific and technological environment in which projects will be implemented innovatorskie for science and defense.

Intention to control the Defense Ministry to expedite the development and implementation of RTK troops, said a member of the Academy of Military Sciences Colonel Edward Rodyukov, just in time: «I want to lay that this work will not be campaigning and populism. Certain hopes inspire the government’s plans to raise the country’s budget military expenditure. They should not be squandered, and eaten up, and focused on the creation of new types of weapons of breakthrough, including RTC. » Judge draws attention to the fact that «this activity in order to comply with privacy must, on the one hand, be a closed character. On the other hand, we need to lure this paper, creative young people, to seek creative solutions. Because without dealing with public universities, their students and graduates can not do. Here posodeystvuyut and created in the army student company. But in general, for the government and the Ministry of Defense, I think, one of the main objectives — to block the brain drain is over the limit. Developer RTC to do real system and other (human, spiritual and moral) incentives to work for the welfare of the fatherland. «

Vladimir Mukhin

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