Moon of Saturn is a huge spaceship


It is this version of the first climb to the head researcher, ufologist, when it considers that an unusual image of Enceladus
the sixth largest moon of Saturn.

Version of NASA (2007) explains the effect of exposure to this lower water vapor "At the south pole of Enceladus are icy geysers that release of a crust of ice jets of water vapor (steam emitting a height of hundreds of kilometers). In all probability, the matter leaving the companion of the couple turns to ice and replenishes Saturn's E ring "

It is believed that under the surface of a Saturnian satellite hidden ocean. The temperature on Enceladus is about -200 degrees Celsius. It's colder than the rest of the satellites of Saturn. Atmosphere satellite consists of water vapor, dust, molecular hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

Researcher Scott Waring believes that all this is sucked from the finger, as if it was the case in geysers, the satellite would rotate uncontrollably, but he always turned to Saturn only one of its sides. And if you add a shot of brightness and increase it, the more often it is a phenomenon similar to the plume from the … rocket engine.

Actually Waring version is that Enceladus is a huge spaceship an unknown civilization.


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