More than two tons of dead fish caught from the lake in Cyprus


7.03.12.Okolo two and a half tons of dead fish pulled from the lake Athalassa Nicosia: fish mortality associated with sharp fluctuations in temperature.

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, told Cyprus Mail, that the deceased fish belongs to the species of tilapia (Tilapia) and probably fish "en masse" died when there was a sudden drop in temperature on the island of Cyprus.

The second reason for the mass death of fish — a large amount of rain that made a lot of dirt in the lake, making it difficult to obtain the necessary oxygen fish.

This combination of factors has caused, at least, the death of two and a half tons of tilapia from 200 grams up to three kilograms of weight, said Konstantinos Moustakas (Constantinos Moustakas).

Every morning, officials of the Department with a large network of butterfly collecting dead fish. Then, in a large basket fish transferred to the Department of Forestry, which is "buried" in a specially created ditches in the park Athalassa.

On the question of dying any more tilapia, the department said that they believe that all of the fish died at the same time, based on the degree of decomposition of the fish.

"Definitely still have tilapia in the lake, and even if there are only a few items, it multiplies rapidly," said Moustakas.

According to him, the department can not move the fish in warmer places like Lake for this should be disconnected.

The lake also carps and mosquito fish, which are less sensitive to cold temperatures. Starting fish in the lake is part of the measures taken by the department to manage the ecosystem of the lake, while the fish — an indicator of water quality, the official said.

Source: RussianCyprus.Net

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