Mount Fuji is a serious threat to the Japanese

Mount Fuji is a serious threat to the Japanese danger zone

As reported by the Japanese authorities, national symbol and a major tourist attraction, Mount Fuji, probably located on an extensive active faults, the movement of which can cause an earthquake of magnitude 7, which can change the shape of the mountain and destroy the surrounding areas.

During the 3-year study carried out by scientists at the initiative of the Ministry of Education, under the highest mountain in Japan, located 100 kilometers from Tokyo, was found 30 kilometers active fault. Its existence was not known previously. Earthquake could cause extensive landslides from the top of 3776-kilometer mountain in the adjacent town of Gotemba.
Scientists say large landslides occur every 3,000 years. However, in order to determine the potential threat of volcanic activity, scientists continue to study. An earthquake in 1707 caused the eruption of Mount Fuji, which killed 20,000 people.

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