Mud landslide in Malaysia

March 1, 2013. After how Malaysian city Ipoh several days watered showers around creating favorable conditions for the occurrence of landslides. His appearance is not made to wait long. A massive layer of soil with the water early in the morning has blocked a lot of city streets and the freeway that links Ipoh and Lumut.

Streams of dirt picked up standing on the streets of cars and carried them to a vent channels were washed off street fixtures and shrubs. In the nearby area Ipoh and Taman-Arkid affected about 250 people, the building of a few dozen shops and stores. Eyewitnesses claim that once gone landslide, in the adjacent houses flooded dirty water, which then rose to a height of 60 cm total area covered by a layer of mud after landslide was 1 km in radius.

Perhaps the landslide could have been avoided, but in the place of his education as a time was the construction work on the construction of the building kollezhda, a shop and residential premises located on a small hill. Together with the rain, such conditions are more than suitable for the gathering of the formation of the earth. Since landslide occurred early in the morning, then at the construction site managed to avoid casualties. At the moment, the police and rescuers are working to clean up the affected area of the city of mud sediments and debris.


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