Mystery of the 24th cycle of solar activity

Graph of solar activity. © NOAA |

December 31. Prior 2013 the year is just one day, and, according to most forecasters, approaching maximum 24th solar cycle. But is it?

As soon as there is a large group of sunspots, scientists expect to end the sun "anemia". However, this does not happen. It may be that sunny maximum has already been reached?

This graph shows the average number of sunspots since 2000. Blue shows the maximum sine wave well 23rd activity cycle and a deep minimum in 2009. The red curve is the prediction — at this level should be sunny activity according to the experts of NOAA.

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As can be seen anywhere near the curves are not joined. There is a high probability that the 24th cycle will jump in and out at maximum in 2013. Then the cycle will turn to the two peaks. But so far only one thing is certain: scientists do not know what will happen in 2013.

Source: News Gismeteo

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