Mystery of the wheat fields …




"Science and Religion", 22.10.2003, Moscow, nn10-11

Author: Vitaly Shelepov, Ph.D., Colonel

_ * This phenomenon can justifiably be called one of the most intriguing mysteries of our time. * _

Mysterious circles in the grain fields … First of them talked about a quarter of a century ago, when they appeared in the South of England. Before this phenomenon few knew, and by the "circles" of no particular significance attached: you never know the reason why it may be dented box of Cereal! Although, of course, surprised the ideal form of images, very clear their boundaries and the fact that cereals were placed in a clockwise direction, carefully, to spike spikelet, and with a weave.

However, from year to year, the number and size of "circles" all increased, and the curious public demanded an explanation from science. Then they started, "miniature hurricanes", "plasma vortices", "static electricity", "features of groundwater", "uneven fertilizer", "ancient underground structures," etc. etc., to very exotic like "effect of the shots secret weapon", "mating" of rabbits, moles, hedgehogs, birds …

None of these hypotheses is not even approximately explain all the features of the "grain circles." As for the rabbits, hedgehogs, for example, the July-August, which usually have a mass appearance circles — not the marriage month in animals and birds. In general, scientists, as they say, have failed.

And then the journalists put forward the idea, saying that all this tricks pranksters who at night fool honest people and of course the researchers. In 1986 he managed to find a farmer who admitted that his own field he produced a composition of five circles — the so-called "quintuplet". However, it soon became clear curious detail: the customer fraud was one of the most influential national newspapers. The scandal was hushed up then, but the point was made: the official science gladly gave up the study "notorious forgeries." The theme of "meadow phenomena" gone out of the media.

Subject left, and drawings on English fields continued to appear with greater intensity: in 1987 they were registered in different parts of the world about fifty, in 1988 — 98, in 1989, already 270. But the most "fruitful" was in 1990 — about two thousand! And now it has not been simple circles and complex geometric compositions — an icon. To insist that it tricks the rabbits, pranksters and other practical jokes, it was ridiculous. But the material scientists have stood firm on the idea of fraud. And the press has brought public two "varmints" — older artists. It was Douglas Bower and David Cherley who "confessed" that for thirteen years fooled people's heads, creating the above signs. The sensation has been replicated around the world. Like, to everyone's delight all cleared up, "circles" — the work of these retirees.

But the researchers could not believe that two elderly gentleman (67 and 72) for two months could kakih-nibud at night trodden in 33 English counties hundreds of complex compositions, the dimensions of which sometimes reach several thousand (!) Square meters. Besides sometimes overnight appear several drawings, and at distances of hundreds of kilometers apart. Even worse — and on other continents.

Well-known researcher of "crop circles" engineer rocketeer Pat Delgado wrote: "pictogram much. Some are very large. Forge them — work very hard. Forgers have to be young … In addition, they need to see in the dark like cats, because in night under observation, and any lighting would be seen. "

But the press persisted in exposing hoaxer. One of the most respected researchers "circles" Colin Andrews later wondered: "In exposing fakes two pensioners had spent more money than all of the scientific research" circles "for 11 years." To convince the public that the two British izukrasili field by the breathtaking perfection pictures, and failed.

During the examination of laps took prominent scientists — American biophysicist Dr. William S.Livingud and his colleagues D. Burke and N. Talbott.

John E. Burke: "Whatever the force creating circles, it physically changes the fabric polegshih plants. Stems are often bent at 90 degrees, do not perelamyvayas like something softens them. This is especially noticeable in the rape, his stiff stems not weigh down without breaking. stem nodes swell under the influence, going from the inside, and sometimes it is so strong that hosts explode, spilling the cell sap. Dr. Livingud This effect could play using microwave radiation. Moreover, the affected stems are on the surface electric Electrical conductivity of tissue charge … bracts surrounding the seeds, too, was raised. "

Was seen and this feature: the "circles" bent grasses continue to grow parallel to the ground (which is absolutely not normal) and never ripen. Moreover, they even "younger" and the fall get bright emerald color that makes them stand out sharply against the background of yellowed fields. Dr. Livingud discovered another inexplicable thing in these ears, quite ordinary from the outside as a rule, no seeds. But even if they are, it is strikingly different in germination taken out of the "circle": either extremely depressed or sprout from an unusually high rate.

Nancy Talbott: "The results were quite clear: cereals, stacked manually using paddles or rollers, do not have any of the anomalies detected during the years of our group."

Russian researchers (particularly N.S.Novgorodov) also identified a number of counterfeit-resistant features. So, in "real" circles of grass stems sometimes have an unusual form of a sine wave, and polegshie with wheat thick weeds are twisted beyond recognition. At the same time they are made from green to dark red-brown.

Fixed and other features that can not be falsified. Sometimes the sound of the mysterious circles of sounds: the hum, buzz, rattle, ultrasounds … Sometimes they can not record on a tape recorder, but the equipment is often refuses to work in "circles." Sticking cameras, batteries immediately sit down. Above the "circles" go astray pigeons, sometimes denied aircraft engines. With the help of radio-controlled model aircraft (above the "real community" they also lose control) was even able to determine the shape and size of the danger zone — a cylinder with a height of 20-storey building (200 feet, or about 60 m).

Affect those mysterious cereal icons and people is: someone has extraordinary vision, open mediumship, foresight, someone always gets rid of the disease, and someone on the contrary — feel worse. More than 60 percent of people in "circles" an unpleasant sensation: headache, "energy" tingling, nausea, disorientation … And it is not self-hypnosis: unmotivated fear, and sometimes vomiting occur in "circles" as in animals — dogs, cows … It is possible that it is not clear from the influence of "community" is connected mysterious and tragic story that happened in the Royal Air Force. October 22, 1987, while flying over the four "circles" in the county of Wiltshire, a military pilot jumped out of a plane and crashed. His body and an inflatable rescue boat found next to the "community", and torn to shreds parachute — seven kilometers. Plane without a pilot flying another 410 miles, and fell into the Atlantic Ocean.

Sometimes the inside of the circle is a mysterious jelly-like substance, sometimes — a strange variation of background radiation.

Such properties of the "community" is difficult to forge. The conclusion of scientists was unequivocal: "Despite the fact that, in some cases, a phenomenon known as the" crop circles ", tampered hoaxer, the scientific study of infected plants and soil proved that more than 90 percent of the studied" circles "have a different and more complex origin . " But what?

To the knowledge of the mysterious phenomenon connected historians. Almost immediately discovered that the mysterious crop circles have appeared not only in the end of XX century. In 1914, they recorded in Salisbury (South England), in 1960 — in Quinton (Australia), Essex (England), several other places. Having discovered this discovery, tsereologi (so called himself the researchers 'community') looked into the depths of history — in the archives. And it turned out that such phenomena in the world are known for a very long time. In Holland they are described further in 1503, in the South of England — in the years 1618-1680. At the British Museum have discovered an ancient document that is attributable to crop pictures machinations of the devil.

On the "witches' circles", "spitting devil" knew and Slavic peoples. Myths, legends, stories often bring us some real echoes of events. It is known fact — "a fairy tale — a lie, but it hints." Let us recall the "Humpbacked Horse", "Someone has to go into the field and wheat move … That was one hell ride and grain tail beat down …". Amazing coincidence with modern crop pictures were found on the carpets XVI-XVII centuries. Researchers have puzzled: how images appear?

One of the first version of the UFO was born — about the nature of the contact "circles" — say, are places of UFO landings and take-offs. Flashed the old, emerged as early as the 1960s, the name of "community" — "UFO nest". They started talking about the strange circular formations of ice, sand and snow (in particular, in the former Soviet Union and the Afghan mountains) …

But then there were objections: UFO, of course, leave a mark, but not so complex as to the English fields: the intricate combination of circles, triangles, spirals, arrows, "gears", tridents … Besides elaborate drawings and diagrams sometimes reach hundreds of meters in length, which also does not fit with a simple vertical landing "plates."

And then there was the assumption of certain power rays emitted by UFOs. They remembered a story that happened Aug. 26, 1972, near the provincial town Vomenster (South England). On this day, the American broadcast journalist Bryce Bond with his colleague watching a spectacle that will be remembered for a lifetime. UFO hovering over a field sent to earth bunch of colored rays, and began to write out their intricate shapes. Then there was an obscure noise, and in front of astonished reporters ears, as if on command, lay down strict clockwise. (Ufologists still revere this date Happy Birthday "meadow phenomenon"). Surfaced, and other similar cases.

In favor of the "beam" the origin of crop circles and evidence is indirect evidence. Dozens of witnesses tell of mysterious "power rays" through which UFOs are able to lower and raise their own "pilots", drawing in people from the land and animals. "Lucky," accounted worthy to go inside this "ray", remember that at this time their bodies squeezed some unknown force. It is possible ufologists believe that this unknown form of energy, pressing plants to the ground, and draws on the fields strange message.

Pioneer research "meadow phenomenon of" Colin Andrews: "We believe that they created a large number of energy emanating from the top, from an unknown source."

The engineer of a British Aerospace Companies Wohlthat modeled on a computer possible mechanism of "stacking" of plants: "Now I can not decide where to put these Terms, and where a fake. It seems to me that we are dealing with a kind of scanner, which in turn puts the ears of the right his direction. This is possible only when the top of the field are directed rays, like a laser. But a very strong laser field would hurt, maybe even burnt grain. So I do not think it's electromagnetic energy. * I have come to the conclusion that, in terms of modern scientific knowledge, we can not understand it. * None that we know of the energy is not able to create that. Rather, it is the gravitational radiation, which we can only speculate until the speculative … We are dealing with technology, significantly Our superior … ".

There are many observations of strange objects flying low over the fields. Sometimes shining like fireballs, sometimes, "metal", they occasionally dive into the wheat that after some time again to fly out of it. Small (about 20 centimeters in diameter), "metal" washer bends ears, observed in Japan. In the summer of 1990 at Stonehenge (England) like "puck" even managed to take a picture. "It was floating in the sky and seemed to be" watched "us" — says one of the witnesses. Often, witnesses told us that just before the advent of crop pictures they saw unusual lights in the sky, flashes, and in one case even a luminous vertical wheel — big "as the Ferris wheel."

In 1996, there was a documentary like an explanation of how the fields appear sophisticated icons. It would seem that dot the "i" has placed a sensational video that allegedly was made August 11, 1996 in the town of Oliver Castle (England). She was introduced in November of that year in Finland, the participants of the First Conference for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and the Future of Humanity. Video camera recorded the flight over a field of three pairs of balls of light. First two balls moving along a complex path seemed to have outlined the contours of the future "canvases." Then they repeated the maneuver a second pair of balls, and before our eyes (for 1.5-2 seconds), the plants have settled, creating the perfect icon. And then, as if checking the quality of work on a drawing flew a third pair of "ball lightning."

Such sensational footage could not leave anyone indifferent. Analysis of the film joined renowned experts.

NASA consultant on video photographic analysis, an expert on computer analysis Diletozzo Jim: "After careful — frame by frame — the computer analysis we drew attention to the fact that during the movement of the balls for them is the energy of the vortex trail … Cereals come in movement after the ball appeared above them. Each "circle" appears at the expense of the spiral movement of energy that comes after the flying objects … Analyzing data from the most upper videotape, ie signs that can be seen on the film, it is possible to draw conclusions about that … this film was made without the use of a computer … I believe that there is no such animator who would be able to create such a film … I do not find any traces of falsifying data frames. " Other independent experts came to the same conclusion: the film recorded the actual event.

But here it takes several years, and the message that this video — fake, which involved the manufacture of one John Veyb — one of the partners of the studio editing and animation "First Cut Studios" (Bristol, UK). Under pressure from the evidence (or other arguments?) Veyb allegedly admitted that the video was produced by the studio. On how the case in reality, the public can only build assumptions …

While we can only guess at who send us your message. However, the hypothesis is not too much and, as a rule, they agree on one thing: "circles" are associated with some other reason.

George Wingfield (British center for the study of crop circles): "One should speak of a non-physical factors that lie outside of nature. This is not a natural phenomenon, it is something generated by the mind." He is supported by Derek Els (Organization for the study of tornadoes and storms): "Of course there is a desire to think that behind all this reasonable force." But what?

Extraterrestrial civilizations visiting us? It's unlikely. In any case, supporters of that crop pictures fun extraterrestrial spaceships, not so much.

But maybe Dzh.Uingfild rights? Here are his thoughts: "It's certainly not spaceships, flying saucers do not, but maybe it is the energy of other measurements, combined here with the earth's energy and merges with it."

"Inomernyh" hypothesis is shared by a number of other scientists. Some believe that with the help of "crop circles" show yourself some parallel worlds that are in a different range of reality. Others are of the "theory of the internal space" and suggest that the margin materialize some holographic images of our collective unconscious.

And some believe that the author of icons — the Earth itself! Ironically, it is perhaps one of the most grounded versions. In the scientific community is now more possible to hear the thought recently was considered seditious: our planet — reasonable! Argue that in its interior there are processes that are typical of the most highly organized systems. That the earth produces not only a "non-living" energy, which causes the movement of air and water masses, tectonic shifts, but also the most powerful bio-energy charges, actively influencing the evolution of life on the planet's biosphere.

Increasingly, they say that the earth possesses a certain "sphere of Mind," "thinking envelope" — the noosphere, through which it can communicate directly with the consciousness of their live "cells" — its people and animals. That the evolution of human consciousness and the consciousness of the Earth are inextricably linked. The examples of the reaction of the planet on the semantic (psychic) information: weather change under the influence of thoughts and prayers, natural disasters and man-made disasters in areas where the disorder or aggression of humanity reaches its peak …

Based on the concept of the noosphere, the followers of Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin's come to the conclusion that such a perfect crop pictures — a product of intelligent activity of the planet, its attempt to communicate something to people who live on it. And that she has chosen for its message universal language of geometry and sacred symbols — the cosmic language that humanity has yet to learn. A mechanism of "drawing" messages in the world may be different, from its controlled UFO type of ball lightning to the "plasma" or gravitational vortices emanating from the Earth's interior. Do not exclude other ways, for example, led the planetary mind the behavior of insects and animals.

In the framework of the "planetary" hypothesis can be explained many mysteries: the strange attraction of "community" to the cult classic "places of power" and the similarity of the icons of ancient symbols of various tribes and peoples, and the fact that the millennium is increasing not only the quantity but also the complexity of the drawings in the margins. If the author of the messages — our planet, it looks like she has something to tell us. But what?

In all probability, this question is haunted not only different ranks of the public, but the official structures. This is evidenced by much.

One of the pioneers of research icons Pat Delgado: "The royal family has subscribed to our newsletter with reports of the appearance of circles. Moreover, in contact with us entered the British Parliament. I do not need to name names, but you can not believe that the government began to investigate this issue . " However, inform the general public about it, apparently, is not going to. The pilot and photographer British Centre for the Study of icons Basti Taylor confident that the British government is interested in the population of misinformation: "The Government wants all was quiet. Unexplained phenomena destabilize any society."

It is well known that one of the most effective ways to disguise — an imitation of the establishment of "decoys", a distraction to them "enemy forces and facilities." It looks like it went on this way those who continue the operation "Hiding". Do all that in the "noise" lost very important information. In the UK, has repeatedly suggested that pranksters Bauer retired and Cherley, consciously or not, but also worked for the government's program of disinformation. "It is possible that those who forged the icons were bribed. Only it is difficult to prove. Course, someone paid them, but who?" (Basti Taylor).

In connection with the program of disinformation look very meaningful recognition of certain Rendlz Jenny, who in her book "Paranormal" (1996) writes: "Our campaign has been successful in countering the hysteria that falsely connects circles with UFOs and aliens. Serious We published an article in" Daily Telegraph "and" The Guardian ", and on our London symposium audience almost unanimously supported a weather theory and the theory of mystification as the most probable. Thus, we have won the trust of the skeptics, although in 1986, their voices could hardly be heard."

Of great interest to the emerging icons, particularly complex, showing the military. It got to the point that they did not admit to some drawings of one of the outsiders. For example, July 17, 1991, ostensibly to shut down an entire military maneuvers region with newly emerging patterns. Director of the British UFO Research Group a former police officer Anthony Duld'm sure the authorities know much more than say, "I think that people who come to admire the circles were military with a special mission. Shortly thereafter began to emerge fake circles. Hard Public imposed upon the view that all these formations are created by people. "

In addition to misinformation, very effective way of psychological warfare arsenal — mind control, skillful and unobtrusive direction change people's activities. Here are irreplaceable media. And apparently, not accidentally press and television strongly heated interest in the so-called "Art of Crop Circles" ("The art of crop circles"). Find an interesting word, exactly designed for people hungry for affirmation: "Fields — the perfect canvas for artists who want to raise the wilderness to a new level, just as the products of ordinary clay creates a potter." And on the internet, despite the outrage of farmers, there was even a reference book for beginners "laborers circles." It gives detailed instructions, with the help of some tools and it is easier to just put the plants to avoid detection controllers, etc.

The result is obvious — the number of fakes is increasing. They overload trip up researchers are taking away time and energy. But enthusiasts do not give up. Thank you, rich eccentrics are ready to fund search for the truth. So, thanks to the help of one of the richest people in the U.S. L.Rokfellera, Colin Andrews of amateur turned professional. He acquired staff, its own computer center, an opportunity not only regularly perform "reconnaissance" flights on the fields of the South of England, but also to obtain the necessary information from the satellites. Today in the database Andrews more than 10,000 images of "circles" around the world. And although most of them, according to Andrews — fake a few thousand — the original, requiring a careful analysis of all areas of specialist knowledge.

Paradoxically, the attempt to discredit the idea of "inomernyh" messages sometimes lead to opposite results: from skeptics and hardened pragmatists "doers circles" sometimes turn into no less fanatical researchers of this phenomenon. The fact that the hoaxers have often faced with strange consequences of their activities. That during his "night work" notice "watching" them UFOs. That felt by some sort of "outside influence." Then find that next to a fake picture after a while there are real. And the new songs are very similar in the symbolism of the original, so they may well be interpreted as a response to the human message.

As a result of such incidents in the world, even the emergence of a new movement — looking to make contact with the unknown Mind. Dialogue efforts are undertaken not only by trampling crops. In the summer of 1992 under the Budapest Hungarian enthusiasts white canvases laid out on a large green field figure, resembling a giant wrench. And what happened? After some time in the area began to appear the first "meadow phenomena." Never before there were none.

These facts may well be interpreted as a desire to bilateral contact. And then the "circles," which are clearly informational purposes — this is a real opportunity for dialogue with other Intelligence. Reason, which seems to be trying to tell us something. About what?

Maybe the fact that the world is not as primitive as we think? That intelligent life — not just our prerogative?

Unique shots in August 1986, has already made known to us, the researchers Delgado and Taylor. After learning about a new "circle", they flew on an airplane for his examination. On the way back they had a surprise. Near Winchester (Hampshire) on one of the wheat fields Punch Bowl village they saw something on top, povergnuvshee all in amazement.

Pat Delgado: "Below us in the wheat field we saw a number of letters, which at first glance looked like one long word. Read it to me at once was not possible. Then I quickly took the camera and took a few pictures … We just stared at the letter and trying to decipher the word. was only when we were flying over it for the last time, it became clear that the field is not one, but four words connected in one. WEARENOTALONE meant WE ARE NOT ALONE ("We are not alone"). Only the letter N ALONE in the word looked a little strange. "

Delgado rushed to this place by car, but too late: the letters were gone. "I talked to a farmer — says the researcher. — He was convinced that there was an inscription on the night. So she did not attract attention to the field as soon as possible, he squinted his letter. Fortunately, the pictures I've done." (To say that this message is true, I would not hurry: confused accurate — "on the ticker" along the tracks of agricultural machinery — location of the inscription. Such precise binding "to the countryside," the authors of these icons is almost never do. — VS ).

In other letters (which may well be clues to scientists) understand state only professionals: astronomers, mathematicians, biologists, historians …

So, Professor Gerald S.Hokins (Washington) came to the conclusion that a number of icons is a "series of brilliant, hitherto completely unknown geometric theorems are not inferior in beauty and elegance of classical models of the theorems of Euclid." One of the neat "meadow" of the figures in 1996, scientists saw the image of the character of fractal geometry — the Mandelbrot set, the other — the formula of modern mathematics. In the figure in 1991, biologists have learned an integral part of human chromosome that contains the genetic code, and in 1996, the icon — the scheme the DNA double helix …

Many of the "grain of characters" are clearly esoteric and close to ancient alchemy, numerology and mystical traditions. And in a complex scheme in 1997 physicist Rodolfo Garrido saw the display of astronomical information: "I have reviewed charts and figures that are used in astronomical science and noticed that the picture on the box coincides with the graph of the orbits of Jupiter moons Io and Europa. Image I compared this figure with the available schemes and was just blown their complete coincidence. "

Crop pictures haunt and Russian researchers. Thus, the teacher-astronomer Matveev saw in the icon, discovered near the village of Kuban Nekrasov, accurate image clusters of galaxies in the constellation of Veronica. A E.Sotskov from Moscow Domodedovo to seriously engage in "meadow" problem, sent me a transcript of two almost identical pictures of English in 1994 (May and July). Comparing the icon with the astronomical maps, he came to the conclusion that they depict the constellation Scorpius with its 18 big stars.

And here are excerpts from a letter sent to me by Vladimir Kurkin Odintsov of the Moscow region.

"I think that the presented two-dimensional paintings represent objects and phenomena of nature is much more complex. It is possible that the appearance of images on the fields may precede onset of certain events in the life of society …

The most interesting person I brought the picture that appeared Aug. 3, 1999 in Hampshire (England). I would venture to give his own interpretation of the image.

Dark tone characterizes the initial state, the basis of something receptacle. Bright tone, on the contrary, corresponds to the completed state — that occurs after. White circle on a dark background can be interpreted as a reasonable entity enclosed in a vacuum. Within the central entity concluded a reasonable hexagon dark color, which can be interpreted as a six-dimensional world. Which is in essence it is round light — intelligent life in the six-world. Inside it — two dimensional receptacle intelligent entities, one of which is directly embedded in the other.

I guess the meaning of the message next. The human mind is the lowest in the hierarchy of entities considered reasonable. It is enclosed in mind a larger scale, which is the reason biosphere of the Earth. How the human mind and the nature of the noosphere there is reasonable within the three-dimensional world that is characteristic for the scale of the planet Earth. At a higher level, there is a reasonable essence solar system that is enclosed within the boundaries of the six-dimensional world. Thus, the solar system by its very nature — a six-and knowable only through reason, similar to the existing boundaries of … Six-dimensional world of the solar system is covered by a higher intelligence solar system — the Galaxy. On the dimension of the galaxy stellar family from the above messages can not be judged (the circle can be considered as a polyhedron with an infinite number of edges — an infinite entity). We can only say that the galaxy contains at least 19 intelligences, mating with each other. The human mind is embedded in one of them … That's my hypothesis. I would like to know your reaction to it and get you some more food for thought. "

Versions of why there are drawings and for whom they are intended, a lot. Some believe that the recipient of these messages — not humans. What the icons — this is a sort of "beacon" for visitors from outer space, indicating the location of possible energy supply or support other messages to pilots extraterrestrial ships.

Others, however, believe that these messages are just people. What we want to say something important: perhaps the impending human transmutation, the whereabouts of other civilizations on promising research directions …

It has been suggested that the symbolic images of the fields — is to help humanity, challenge, challenging our spiritual evolution. Dzh.Uingfild: "Perhaps in this way someone is trying to awaken our spirituality."

Even suggested that the drawings in the margins — a kind of coding system of humanity, changing the underlying levels of human consciousness. Some characters in the fields interpreted as a warning of the danger posed to the world, our industrial civilization, its destructive and polluting activities, the escalation of our selfishness …

And one sees in the pictograms are some "intelligent manifestation" test on the level of our knowledge, the inspection of our readiness for dialogue. We are expected to reciprocate …

To be continued.

+ + + 

And most importantly — who and for what purpose? We continue to talk about this mysterious phenomenon. The author reports the unique information that are not yet known to a wider audience. And made hypotheses about the phenomenon — a downright dazzling! I so want to believe that the author is right when he says: "We have finally entered into dialogue with the unknown alien forces!" After all, a sense of loneliness in the universe — it's awful!

"I was appalled eternal silence of these spaces!" — Cried in despair once brilliant scientist Blaise Pascal XVII century.

But humanity has not come to terms with the idea that we — the living and reasonable — has spawned a dead universe. And now, almost no hope of success, began to look into it if you do not intercessor-mother, then at least "fellow human beings."

As soon as (by historical standards), having mastered the airwaves, we began to search for "space brothers" for possible radiation exposure of their civilizations. One of the first directional antennas began to listen radiokosmos was a "genius of electromagnetism" Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). In the early 1920s, his successor was able to catch radio signals unknown, as he said, "perhaps the Martian" origin. They also "spotted" while other researchers. At the the end of it — no one is decoded signals, and did not catch them anymore.

In 1960, the American astronomer Francis Drake sent a 26-meter radio telescope antenna to Earth for the next two stars — in the hope of getting signals from the cosmos. Later began to look for signals and Soviet astronomers. Some results have been obtained. In August 1977, a large radio telescope instruments (Ohio, USA) for one minute was recorded intermittent radio signal is very similar to the artificial: it is 30 times higher than the level of the natural cosmic background. But then again in the years Space paused and answered only in 1996, when the constellation Virgo, University of California scientists have taken cues that are very similar to television. But the results of their deciphering the scientific community for some reason did not report. In the end, among scientists there are very few of these that have not lost their faith in the fact that we are not alone in the cosmos. And most are inclined to believe that even if "there is something there somewhere," we do not know about that ever. So a full member of the Academy of Astronautics Tsiolkovsky Leo Gindilis said bluntly: "The search of cover and no one billionth of all be examined" search space. "Refers to the direction in space, time, frequency, power, bandwidth, types of modulation and other signal parameters. " A simple calculation shows that if we continue at the same pace, then for one time only radioskanirovaniya "search space" will need tens of billions of years. Not encouraging, and this thought: most of all, for advanced space civilizations radio — has long passed the stage for us — talks with African drums and bonfires. That is why it is necessary to conduct research in other bands, such as in the field of spin-torsion, and in fact, mental radiation, the speed of which is supposed to be a billion times greater than the speed of light.

Someone has to look at the results of the Cosmos astroinzhenernoy some activities, in particular, the objects of artificial origin. And someone calls to focus attention and energy on what is right under our feet — on the phenomena that many researchers are confident not call signals of other civilizations, other worlds.

Among these phenomena varied patterns, icons, annually strangely appearing on cereal boxes in all the continents of the Earth. They appear extremely rapidly: the huge, the size of a football field, icon, which has hundreds of complex elements and executed with exceptional mathematical precision, can appear in a matter of minutes, in the absence of traces of the person for miles around. Moreover, the number and complexity of the year-to-year increase.

Initially, it was fairly steady opinion that when these mysterious figures only began to appear — they announced exclusively by natural causes. But not everyone agrees. An authority on "crop circles" a professor of astronomy at the University of Glasgow A-E.Roy declares: "I do not share the view that such could only create nature. Felt the presence of mind here. And if it is not the human mind, then whose?" And in fact, if we do not take into account the production mystifies (fakes today are easily recognized), one thing remains: the drawings perform some reasonable force, and with a purpose.

Manufacturing technology icon is not clear. Analyses show that the plants in the mysterious "circles" are undergoing a remarkable change: it is a violation of the internal structure of plants, and the appearance on the stems incomprehensible to us electrostatic discharge, discoloration of plants and seed germination of "circles" … Modern science is available only in the laboratory, if not available. And recently, biologists Kiev (Group Reshetnikova TP) found that in some cases the plants in "circles" differ significantly in chemical composition from their counterparts grown on the same field, but outside of the picture. They dramatically reduced the concentration of certain elements (calcium, manganese, iron, zinc) and significantly increased the number of other, for example, lighter metals (lithium, potassium). In other words, * in an unknown field of irradiated plants observed the transmutation of chemical elements. * These transformations the world of science today are not able to do.

This is further confirmed by a simple conclusion: because of hoaxes there is no question, the science does not know anything, so here we act unseen force. What?

In 1928, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, firmly believed in the existence of the universe some "unknown reasonable force", wrote that open their "interference with the Earth had not yet prepared the development of the majority of people." However, he found it impossible, "the mother did not support, did not keep the baby … the baby's mother does not drown, fall off the roof, to burn, to die. But it allows him to get hurt or burn slightly, so that he learned skill, acquired knowledge and caution, necessary for existence. So does the cosmos and with humanity … the Earth can not be given completely to itself. Some degree of independence it is only left to gain experience, to achieve perfection (not to death) … "

But if in the last decade, a lot of UFOs and strange messages in the fields, then does not that mean that something has changed since then, when Tsiolkovsky wrote about our lack of preparation for the meeting with "unknown reasonable force" and they stopped hiding its presence on Earth? What exactly has changed? Ecology? Morality? Maybe humanity has reached its "tipping age" and he needs help, some aftershocks "from the outside", the information in the fields. Maybe pictures for this?

It is possible that the icon — just one of the methods of monitoring, a test method by which periodically monitored altered mental state of humanity.

There is also another explanation "cereal phenomena." It is possible that these figures — not only telling us of some truths, but the response to our call for dialogue. The thing is, at one time scientists were offered another strategy for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: we do not seek them passively but actively, to the entire universe to assert itself. Perhaps, somebody will respond.

Someone had warned against: that is dangerous to attract undue attention. But such a simple and effective solution to find enticed many, November 16, 1974 of giant parabolic bowl Arecibo radio telescope, situated in the crater of an extinct volcano (Puerto Rico), flew into space three-minute cry of despair: "We are here, We are reasonable! If the universe is at least someone other than us — respond! " Direction (the signal was sent to the constellation Hercules) was not chosen by chance: in this crowded place are millions of stars similar to the Sun.

The message we sent was a picture frame 23×73 character. In a binary code, we are told with honesty fifth-grader: our number system (numbers from 1 to 10), the atomic numbers of the five chemical elements that form the basis of organic life on Earth (hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus), spoke about the structure of our DNA drew its double helix molecule, the contours of the person indicated its growth, the population on Earth, the solar system diagram shown and place it in the earth, as well as the type and size of the radio telescope, with which the message was sent. The message has departed and are expected (if not damped on the way) is to reach the destination through 25,000 years.

Of course, a quick response no one expected. However, the answer came quickly beyond all expectations — in just 27 years. These were caused by crops strange images, dramatically different from the already familiar "crop circles." They appeared just a few steps from Chilboltonskoy Observatory (Hampshire, South England) — the place is not random: it has already been used by unknown artists for their messages.

In the early hours of Tuesday 14 August 2001 in a wheat field there was a huge figure, "human face" on the size of 49×55 meters. And after six days, the morning of August 20, next to him appeared addition to the portrait of the recipient, as if some message attached. Already at first glance at a picture taken from a height, it was obvious: the picture is very similar to that same radio message that we, the people, is not hoping for a speedy reply, sent to the stars in 1974. A detailed analysis of the "response message" gave much food for thought. (Just note that the head of the Centre for Independent Studies Gender Vaiga mysterious phenomena — a hardened skeptic, has extensive experience in exposing fake "circles", in this case categorically denies the possibility of fraud.)

What do scientists saw "his reply"? At first glance, the same thing that we sent into space. But only at first glance. Having carefully studied, the researchers found a very interesting differences in the two "pictures" — and sent a response.

Unlike earthly message, the place where human habitation contains one planet — the third from the Sun, the picture marked two more — the fourth and fifth. If we assume that the "answer" is depicted as our solar system (also painted nine planets), it turns out that these two additional marked planets — Mars and Jupiter, which means they — habitable? Wherein the base allocated specifically — Jupiter. And this planet is known to have satellites, it is comparable in size to our Earth. And one of them — Europe — recent serious "suspected" in the presence of life on it.

Next. The five main chemical elements of our message into the "reply" added another — silicon. It looks like our "correspondents" report that the foundation of their organic life is not only carbon but also silicon. (By the way, our scientists have long speculated about the theoretical possibility of such a life.) Differ helix DNA. Doug has a great left on our form, which may indicate a slightly different molecular structure. And the number of nucleotides in DNA (vertical bar between the spirals) "them" is not the same as ours. Different from ours, and "their" appearance: a disproportionately large head, large eyes, a small frail body (listed height — 100.8 cm).

In the place of the figure, where earthlings in 1974 indicated their numbers — 4.29 billion, "them" worth 21.3 billion. And another difference — in the way of sending a message. At the very bottom of his figure we schematically depicted parabolic telescope and pointed to its diameter — 300 meters. "They" in this place put some transmitter circuit is not clear to us the structure.

Then, in 2001, some researchers have suggested that the pictures near Chilboltonskoy Observatory — the first step of some reasonable force to establish a two-way information contact with earthlings and that more will follow. And so it happened. It seems that we have truly entered into a dialogue.

Another unusual message was received exactly one year after the "reply-2001", on the night of August 15, 2002, in the same county of Hampshire and just a few miles from Chilboltonskoy Observatory.

After receiving a message about a new "field formations", the team immediately drove to the scene. Had time before it left marks crowd of curious onlookers. Professional debunkers hoaxes came to the unanimous conclusion: fake almost unbelievable. "Wherever we were, — says one of them — the plants were breaking under our feet. Crop was so dry and brittle that the very slight pressure leg was enough to make ears literally crumbled. And it is absolutely unclear how could the team deceivers being in this place, it is not injure the plant. What we saw that day, can not talk about any known method of mystification. Surely one can only say that this amazing work was performed not at the ground, from above . If it's a scam, then the question arises — whose? Have we a technology that would make such a thing? "

To understand the "picture" from the ground was hard: it was hundreds of lines and squares standing or stacked neatly interwoven ears. Only a helicopter could recognize the image. Who saw it tasted like they remember, almost a state of shock, which was and amazement and awe and confusion and fear …

On the huge length of about 100 meters, the rectangle wheat field raster way the portrait. But no man, and eerie-looking alien. And then, against the background of the portrait, laid out a "message" — at first glance, is much more complex and informative than the previous one.

It looked like at the same time and the famous, still remained an enigma, "Phaistos Disk", and has already become a familiar modern CD. So this song and called "Alien with a CD."

At a certain connection with the "response-2001" indicated not only view the message ("portrait" plus "message"), and almost the same date, but also some other details. In particular, the fact that in both cases the images appear in the vicinity of communications equipment: Near radio telescope (2001) and a radio mast (2002)

Decipher the message, except for one of the distorted speech, was quite simple. Standard computer code easily transformed into the Latin alphabet: "Beware of false gifts and bringing their unfulfilled promises. Lot of pain, but there's still time … Somewhere nearby there are also good. We oppose deception. Janeway (bell)."

Who are the "we" is not explained. Incomprehensible and "Portrait": whether to depict those who need to watch out for, whether it's kind of the authors of the letter. However, if the letters between 2001 and 2002 there was a connection, the latter is more likely. After all, the icon in 2001, appears to have been portrayed a little too big-eyed humanoid.

Of course, confuses the message that there is nothing "edakogo" unusual. But what are we, in fact, would like to read? For more information about the authors and their purposes? So it is possible that these are the "Zetas" who for several years held a very informative site on the Internet. Maybe we're naive to expect that the authors will share with us their Supertehnologiya? So it's not serious at all: hardly anyone in their right mind will grant such knowledge today earthly rulers and the military, much less fanatical terrorists.

Of course, a lot of questions, "cereal phenomena" have so far remained unanswered. But something can already say with certainty. We do not observe the direct violence against them, we impose one's will. So we can make an encouraging conclusion: those who belong to these mysterious figures in the fields, or do not have complete power over the people, or do not want any coercion, though they have technology that terrestrial technology can not resist. It seems that until they have a goal to destroy humanity.

We do not know anything for certain about the origin of these forces (earth? Extraterrestrial? Inomernoe? ..) But it is obvious that they are its obvious manifestations are trying to attract our attention. Perhaps, to somehow affect our World view: We can not exclude the fact that at the same time the influence on people's minds, with the icon is energy-and impact directly on the Earth — through the so-called "places of power", "acupuncture points" Earth. There is a hypothesis that these sites are extremely susceptible to external influences and in they can effectively regulate homeostasis planetary processes, including biological and noospheric. After all, "circles" for the most part it appears next to the "places of power" and immediately adjacent to the ancient places of worship, which is known to be located far from random.

The game of "cat and mouse" with the "meadow phenomena" — the game is not only difficult, but also dramatic. Not least because we are a partner at a disadvantage: he knows everything about us, we are of him — nothing.

Expressed such an interesting suggestion: these letters "composes" and gives people the Earth itself. But then we must assume that our planet has a mind …

There are a quite plausible explanation for the phenomenon. The drawings in the margins — is a well-designed action of some terrestrial groups that own technologies, which the wider society are not even aware. Here is what says about leading researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada, Vladimir Vasilyev, who has spent many years studying this problem. In the U.S., there is some scientific elite, which has a UFO information (including technological) in amounts that are orders of magnitude greater than the volume available to all other ufologists. It is this group of scientists helps politicians manipulate the consciousness of the masses and the hidden control of scientific and technological progress in the world. One of the most effective methods here — Stuffing disinformation to divert scientists from other countries important and promising areas of research. It is possible that some of the icons on crops — the activity of this kind.

We can not exclude the other, perhaps the most dramatic version: drawings in the margins — a joint performance of two puppeteers, terrestrial and extraterrestrial. In this case, can only shrug and again to quote the great Pushkin: "Graze, peaceful nations …"

Yet there is good reason to believe that the figures in the fields — only messages from extraterrestrial forces, and it is — an invitation to the human dialogue. Why it is so extravagant way, rather than by contact with earthly governments? On this occasion, expressed this assumption: such a demonstration due to the fact that our partners are not satisfied with extraterrestrial already existing agreements with the secret backroom elite of mankind, and therefore decided to declare itself that's so common. Who knows …

Can be a long time to wonder about the nature of the messages on crops, fancy enough. But one thing is clear: these amazing phenomena suggest that the world in which we live, offering a completely new way. And perhaps this is a sign that begins the next stage in the evolution of mankind — a time when it will gain a new awareness of the world and the integrity of the indissoluble connection with the Mind of limitless cosmos.
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