NASA announced that Mars was alive




The American Opportunity rover has found something for which flew to Mars — evidence of the existence here in the past a lot of liquid water. Skuayers Steve (Steve Squyres), a leading scientist of the mission, said: "The question is — these rocks were altered by liquid water? Now, we are convinced that, yes."

Recently, scientists have identified a high concentration of sulfur in the soil of the planet. They also discovered a mineral iron sulfate, known as jarosite.

Geologists say that the Earth rocks with as much salt or formed in water or under water for a long time, after having been created.

Scientists believe that these rocks are very possibly born in the lake or even in the hot springs.

Evidence of past water planet reinforced fresh micrographs made by Opportunity.

Rock "El Capitan" (El Capitan) was riddled with chaotic elongated pockmarks, identical in structure to the fact that occur in places where the first salt crystals are formed in the presence of salt water, and then washed away or dissolve a fresh water stream.

This environment was hospitable for life, U.S. researchers said.


On Mars, again found a foreign structure

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