NASA representative in Russia has confirmed the existence of little green men




Yesterday, the American Information Center in Yekaterinburg hosted a meeting with a representative of NASA in Russia by Philip Cleary.
According to the IAA, "UralBusinessConsulting" referring to the "Details" American "space agent" explained why the U.S. and Russia together to explore the space, and made a sensational statement of extraterrestrial life forms.
It turns out, birthday of Yuri Gagarin (the seventieth anniversary of which, incidentally, celebrated the day before yesterday) is celebrated not only by Russian cosmonauts, but their American counterparts.
"Gagarin — the most famous person in our field, — said Philip Cleary. — He is respected around the world."
Philip Cleary talked a little bit about the history of space relations between Russia and the United States and identified priorities for further cooperation of NASA and the Russian Aerospace Agency.
"Russia and the U.S. — the two great powers, they have done a lot for the development of space, — he said. — It is therefore necessary to support each other. First of all it concerns the construction of the International Space Station."
As you know, in the construction of the ISS involves not only the U.S. and Russia, but also Japan, Canada and EU countries. Philip Cleary said that the operation of the station is very important for all countries, since there by scientific bases allow for a variety of research — from observations of increases in plants in extraterrestrial conditions to study the changes in the human body for a long time while in orbit.
"This is particularly important for NASA — said Cleary. — In January, President George W. Bush identified this issue as a priority for the astronauts. U.S. government plans to send humans to the moon and Mars. Due rovers Spirit and Opportunity, we already know that water on the Red Planet has so that in the future it will be possible to send an expedition there. "
Another task of NASA, formulated by Philip Cleary — to ensure safety of the crew, "Space Shuttle" to the tragedy of February 1, 2003, when a crashed space shuttle "Columbia" are not repeated.
"We are very difficult to recover from the loss of the" Space Shuttle ", — said the representative of NASA. — Therefore, the support of Russia, which provided us with the boosters to fly to the ISS, is invaluable."
Now the U.S. space agency modifies the security system "Space Shuttle", so that the next space shuttle will be released no earlier than one year. However, studies, thanks to the Russian Aerospace Agency, continued. Already, the ISS was visited by about 120 people from seven countries. Another Russian-American crew is sent to the station in April of this year.

A representative of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Exploration is not only explained why our country jointly explore space, but also checked the present knowledge — schoolchildren, students and even astronomers from Kourovka Observatory. He asked questions about the history of space exploration and granted to those who answered correctly, special badges of various space missions. Sometimes Philip Cleary was trying to catch the audience by surprise.
"Who was the first man on Mars?" — Suddenly asked Philip Cleary, gave the girl who responded "nobody", astronaut badge and explained that he was just checking, do not sleep if present.
Listeners and so were not going to sleep, and when it came to UFOs, their attention has reached a critical point. As you know, over Sverdlovsk region "small plates" see often, the last time they "spotted" less than a month ago in the skies over Kachkanar. At Philip Cleary his view on extraterrestrials.
"There are a lot of different pictures and explanations — he smiled. — What this really is impossible to say. I know I can really see a UFO, but to understand, whether the object is real or is he just imagining you, it's hard."
Having waited until most of the journalists to leave, Philip Cleary told the audience that he was going to share with them information about extraterrestrial civilizations.
"Aliens exist — winked NASA spokesman. — Now you see them on the screen, only much to ask — do not take pictures. This information is not readily available."
Then, to the delight of those present, the screen displays an image of green, two-toed and three-eyed stranger, smiling from ear to ear, and apparently photographed in children's goods store, where the humanoid pretending soft toy.


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