NASA sends an expedition for the mysteries of forests




The U.S. space agency begins a three-week expedition to South and Central America, as well as Antarctica. However, its members will not fight with snakes or freeze in the ice. It is about long flights special laboratory NASA, located on board the DC-8 aircraft.

This unusual set AIRSAR radar synthetic aperture that can work with a very wide range of wavelengths with polarized waves, as well as an interferometer.

This allows the car to see objects hidden beneath thick, overlapping each other, the crowns of the trees, and even through a small layer of sand or snow.

NASA intends to discover previously unknown ruins of temples, fortresses and cities of ancient civilizations, hidden in inaccessible places for people of the jungle.

In addition, the researchers will study the "behavior" of the glaciers of the Southern Hemisphere, trying to calculate their contribution to the change in sea level due to global warming.

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Source: Membrana

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