NATO pilot error cost the lives of 13 Libyan opposition

NATO pilot error cost the lives of 13 Libyan oppositionPilots of aircraft NATO inadvertently killed 13 Libyan opposition on Friday during the bombing of the Libyan town of Ajdabiya, in the west of the country, said the inter-Arab TV channel "Al-Jazeera. "For disk imaging channel, the Air Force and NATO air strikes inflicted on four off-road vehicle in the area Ajdabiya. NATO pilots mistook passenger cars for government fighter. As a result, seven opposition members were injured.

Meanwhile, the authorities in Tripoli, the Libyan favorite stronghold of Muammar Gaddafi, accused the Air Force NATO the murder of six civilians in a slum Ajdabiya. According disk imaging "Al-Jazeera, "the alliance aircraft also bombed positions of government troops in the oil port of Marsa el Brega. Airforce operation NATO permitted to opposition forces once again to take control of its own huge part of the town, "Interfax".

On Saturday night the aviation international coalition forces inflicted a series of attacks on Friday civilian and military targets in the Libyan towns of Homs and Arrudzhban.

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