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20.06.12.Yuzhnuyu district Kadnikov attacked millipede.

Living beings have already chosen cellars of several houses and now streamed into the apartment. Controlling organization shrug, they also see it for the first time and do not know how to help the citizens.

Once the sun rises above the horizon millipedes begin rapidly advance. One minute they run almost a meter. Tend to basements, porches, and the walls can easily penetrate into the apartment.
Residents poured boiling water over them, but they were replaced creep others. For all the time citizens have tried all methods of struggle: crushed, scald with boiling water, poured bleach, but they are useless.

Millipedes attack this year were several houses in the southern part Kadnikov. The first alarm sounded the residents of the street Rosa Luxembourg, Youth, and politically. In an unprecedented number of these strange creatures found in the children's garden and even a cemetery. All kadnikovtsy sure this natural anomaly.

Residents repeatedly applied to different control organizations. With only one question — where unknown creatures have appeared here in such numbers. But the simple answer could be obtained.

According to the Vologda zoologists, this millipede in the Vologda region fairly widespread. No danger to humans or animals, they do not represent. Eating only the leaves and roots of plants, increase soil fertility. And found only in those places where humid. So the first thing to do is get rid of kadnikovtsam excess moisture in the soil next to the houses.

Source: Media Centre 35

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