First preparation step for coastal infrastructure based on Sevflote nuclear submarines of Project 955 strategic focus (code «Northwind») runs during the second week of January. This was said today ITAR-TASS official dealer of the Russian Navy.
«In real time Spetsstroy RF is the final phase of work on the creation of criterion-based submarines, which is given transmission infrastructure cooked-up» — he said.
Coupled with the fact the representative of the Navy at the end of the work area on the beautification (landscaping, construction paving walkways, etc.) and some seasonal work, does not affect the operation of infrastructure «will be continued and completed by the end of this year.»
Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov in December last year, expressed confidence in the successful completion of work on the creation of infrastructure in a timely manner based on the Northern Fleet submarines for Project 955. «Infrastructure based in the Northern Fleet SSBN 955 project under construction and will be put into operation in stages. But already in 2013, it will be ready to take the first ship of this project. Excitement in this matter. Everything is planned, «- he said.

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