Near Vyborg lightning burned house


Touches such deadly beauties

19.08.11.Skolko Whatever people say that man is the master of the planet, but against the weather people are still powerless. Recently over Vyborg storm raged.

Early in the morning on August sixteenth road at the disaster was an old wooden house in the village of Guards. Struck by lightning, he broke out of cards.

— The nearest fire station is located in Vyborg. — Told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in the fire department of the city. — Calculation settlement reached in half an hour.

Alas, by the time there was nothing left to put out. The house burned to the ground.

But the flames spread to the neighboring roof. Benefit firefighters worked quickly, and a second building was saved.

Fortunately, people do not suffer. Residents of both houses were not injured.


Dean of the Faculty of St. Petersburg State Meteorological Hydrometeorological University Leonid Davinsky:

-Set fire to the house, every lightning. Temperature of the discharge channel is five times higher than the surface of the sun. That is about 28-30 thousand degrees. It is very short, but very powerful impact.

Svetlana Melnikova

Source:  KP.RU — St. Petersburg

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