Nearly 10,000 people were killed by natural disasters in 2012

January 3, 2013. More than 9500 man were killed by natural disasters in 2012 caused material damage amounted to 122 billion euros. Such data are a German company, which is one of the leaders of the German insurance market, according to ITAR-TASS. Most often, natural disasters have occurred in the United States. Only Hurricane "Sandy" harmed by 38 billion euros. Most claimed the lives of Filipino typhoon "Bofa": from its attack killed more than a thousand man and destroyed 65,500 homes.

The impacts of natural disasters in the 2012 year were smaller than in 2011, when a magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami formed that enveloped a number of prefectures of Japan. On the year as a result of disasters killed 27,200 people, and property damage amounted to EUR 300 billion. The greatest losses were recorded in 1983, when the world is due to disaster strikes killed up to 300,000 people.

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How much cost in 2012 year the world community?

January 5, 2013. As the well-known insurance agency Munich Re, have occurred in the 2012 by natural disasters, along with the recent nightmare for the United States in the form of Hurricane Sandy cost the planet at $ 160 billion while paying for the insurance of $ 65 billion

About 67% of the total cash losses and 90% of payments for insurance occurred in the United States of America. It is not hard to guess that such an advantage in the side of one of the country due to the hurricane turned Sandy, tired out with the east coast of North America. Losses from Hurricane totaled $ 25 billion for the U.S. should not forget about the many years of drought and tornadoes, have taken a liking to the expanse of the American states 2012.

Happy one that the whole planet material losses were much less than in 2011, remembered for its earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand, as well as severe flooding in Thailand. 2011 reduced the global budget of $ 400 billion, payments for insurance was $ 119 billion

If we talk about the number of victims of the natural disasters, by 2012 the figure has risen to about 9,500 people. In 2011, unfortunately, killed far more people (27 200). The average for the last decade — 106,000 deaths due to natural disasters. Experts explain the significant gap between the statistics in that 2012 natural disasters have occurred mainly in well-developed countries with a stronger warning system and better means of dealing with various non-standard situations.

Chapter dealing with issues of geohazards research group Munich Re sure that in the future, the most common types of natural disasters are hurricanes and droughts, similar to what the U.S. has in the past year. Constantly rising global sea levels caused by global warming will increase the risk of high-rise coastal waves. Right now you need to consider all of these predictions and to work hard to strengthen the preventive methods, particularly in areas where disasters have already managed to inflict a lot of damage.


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