New Tula fish died due to alcohol. Video


13.12.11.Chrezvychaynoe Plavsk accident in an area of the distillery waste storage facility, located in the village of Oktyabrsky, Plav has flowed into the river a few tons of DDGS — product remaining from the distillation of alcohol. Its staff distillery poured into pits dug in the ground. Covering one of them did not survive the pressure of the stinking mass.

By itself, the bard is not poisonous to humans, but the smell — just unbearable. The place filled up quickly break through the earth, but the effects of leakage has emerged: the specific shade of river water, the mass death of fish and the discontent of local residents. The incident took control of the district prosecutor and environmental prosecutor's office area.

According to the District Attorney Plavskiy Alexei Kostin, "… preliminary examination is conducted, the results of which will be made one of three decisions: the refusal, on the transfer of jurisdiction, a criminal case." In itself, the incident was a logical development of a long-standing history with Plavsk distillery. Because of the lack of treatment relying Bard has literally overflowing.

When the local people complained to the Governor, the court intervened, which left 20 October ban on the company for a period of three months. The complete elimination of the company does not promise anything good — on distillery operates nearly half the population of the village polutysyachnogo October. Situation should fix the new management of the plant.

According to the head of Defense "October" Plavskiy district Seregina Love "… promised that by the end of 2011 the first treatment is to run. They are building a plant drying bards, pools cleaned bards. " Not solve the problem instantly. The damage done in many years, untreated Barda local nature, is still distributed.

Anton Gubarev

Source: STRC "Tula"

New Tula fish died due to alcohol Photo: Olesya Feofilova

12.12.11.V Saturday, December 10, in the village area there Aleksandrovka Plavskiy environmental emergency.

Around 11:00 in one of the factories for processing alcohol breakthrough dam.

As a result, the river got Plav 300 cubic meters of vinasse (recycled alcohol — Comm. Authors). As a result of an incident was a mass death of fish. Who sets the scale emergency. The case is under the control of local police.

Igor Korneev

Source:  KP.RU — Tula

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