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If the strain out of memory and turn at the same imagination, anyone can remember at least one incredible story of his life. This is what we call miracles. But only as long as the scientists — the realists and pragmatists — they find these miracles scientifically sound, rational explanation. In the series "Russian horror stories" many anomalous phenomena understandable. A lot, but not everything.

Directed by "Russian horror stories" Yuri Mamin ("Window to Paris") honestly admitted that the subjects for his series took from life: "I was overwhelmed with a sense of pride, something which, as subjects in our Russian reality, more than enough for any extension with a vengeance enough is enough. Stories that formed the basis for the series to have been borrowed from the press, from the stories of eyewitnesses. Plus their own experiences and memories. " For example, in a series of "nail" tells about an old woman in the head which scored carnations her greedy neighbors in the communal wishing to get a coveted living space. A grandmother, instead of dying, was to catch radio waves, telephone conversations to eavesdrop on other people's planes over the border pinpoint. And in the end to twenty years younger, married, and neighbors of the apartment has exposed. According to the stories Mamin, a similar case was indeed: a head of a woman who suffers from constant headaches, X-ray showed a foreign body — a nail …
This series is inspired by the American "X-Files." Only instead of a special department in the face of the FBI agents Mulder and Scully investigate the strange incidents involved UFO newspaper "Russian horror stories", namely: Journalists Leo Benedict (Yuri Galtsev) and Masha Palkina (Katerina Kseneva). By "Russian Mulder" and called "MK-Boulevard" with questions about the wonders and anomalies. Only catch Yuri Galtseva proved to be very difficult: from early morning until late at night Galtseva shooting, rehearsals, negotiations.
— Yuri, your hero — a workaholic. You, as I was able to understand the two weeks of hunting for you, too. And what else you have in common with Lev Venediktov?
— Sense of purpose and integrity. And the fact that he is disinterested. And that is alien to me: he was indifferent to family, love. Him for many years, and maybe he has this been and never will be. I met such Dobryakov who live for others, not for himself, his wealth and his life, they do not know what it is. But it's not mine.
— Directed by Yuri Mamin said that not all the stories for the "Russian horror stories" were invented: to take something from the press, something out of life …
— Of course, like all of our lives. We believe in some miracles, superstitions, riddles, tales. After all, the Slavs, by and large, were Gentiles, believed in the element, bowed before the fire, wind, water. And we still have those roots. I am a believer, but I think of my grandmother, who not only knew that a lot of prayers, also known conspiracies of trouble, out of trouble, the problems involved in herbal infusions. She was a very religious man.
— Believers or superstitious?
— And the believers, and superstitious.
— Your character on the show are on duty unravels the various incredible and sometimes inexplicable stories. And you have ever experienced miracles?
— With me a lot of things happened, and even a very unusual story. About it can be a long talk. When I was 17, I was with my dad saw a UFO. With my own eyes. It was in Siberia, two in the afternoon. We stood there and looked at that plate with a sinking heart, hour and a half later she was gone in a second. It was exactly right.
— And how does it look like?
— Plate, gray aluminum color, like the wing of an airplane … And once, when we were with the Pope in Kazakhstan, go fishing, and on the way back we broke the machine. Night, frost minus 35, big drifts, and no because it was not even a road and track — at her almost no one goes. By itself, I am very cheerful, optimistic person and never lose heart, but then we said goodbye to each other. We prayed, and literally every 20-30 minutes for this track came drunk Kazakh on the tractor. He did not go out before three months, and then accidentally suffered him to a nearby village to a wedding. Well, what is it? The fate? Yeah, I guess fate. So I believe in fate.
And I remember: once arrived in another city and met a relative. He and I talked for quite a long time. And then when I came home and accidentally said he saw togo-to, my dad said that his many years is no longer alive …
— Oh, God! And how do you explain yourself to this meeting?
— Can you explain this case somehow?
— No.
— Well, how do I explain to myself? I think that this life is not as easy as it seems. There are cases which can not be explained. You remember Kapitsa said the woman raised her dumper, because under the rear wheel was her child? How did she do it? It also weighs many tons. But she picked up in a second. So there is some kind of energy that is collected in person. I believe in it.

Julia Malinin


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