NORTH KOREA supported the creation of air defense zone «DAWN»

NORTH KOREA supported the creation of air defense zone
November 29 Chinese Air Force planes were raised in the air to check compliance with military aircraft of other states requirements of modern air defense zone «Dawn», which identified the presence of aircraft the U.S. Air Force and the Land of the Rising Sun, reports now

Earlier, the U.S. and Japan «proudly» stated he did not want to adhere to compliance requirements of the Chinese in this area, stating that «Beijing miscalculated.» But now it appears that the intent of Beijing more than harsh.

November 29 Deputy Director of the Center of American research Institute of Fudan Tszinbo Wu said Global Times, that «we have only outlined their intentions and has a strong commitment to PRC authorities achieve compliance, the world must adapt to new realities.»

Most of the countries of the Western alliance expressed «concern» about the emergence of modern air defense zone. North Korean authorities released a statement that «support the position of China.» South Korea wants to expand its air defense zone in contact with the air space of China and Land of the Rising Sun. Copa Time magazine said that «the heavens and the overflowing waters of East Asia» become the newest reality.

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