North-west Europe is preparing to test frost

January 10, 2013. Northwest Europe, especially in the British Isles, from the north-east is coming strong cold front that will bring real cold snap and frost. Forecasters say the cold weather in the north to about £ 15 ° C can hold out Britain until February. They will be accompanied by blizzards, especially at higher elevations.

For nature it can be quite a shock, since a few weeks in a row Britain it was quite warm in some places even bloomed early plants, intensified bees, butterflies, bats and birds. Night temperature does not fall below +6 … +8 ° C, although climatic norm for this time of near zero. In Scotland a few days ago air even warmed up to +14,3 ° C, and in Montmaute to +12,8 ° C. The onset of cold weather on the part of Scandinavia is expected next week.

The average climatic norm for England in January is +6,92 ° C during the day and +1,3 ° C at night. Such a sudden change of weather and large temperature differences suggest that global climate change has a profound effect on the stability of the microclimate in some areas of the planet.


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