Nostradamus prophecies come true already 449 years




449 years ago, the French astrologer Nostradamus published his first book of predictions. Book of prophecies "Centuries" became the main business of life of the famous doctor.

The first 4 "Centuries" came out March 1 in Lyon in 1555, the rest of the predictions were published in the years 1557-1568. Books written in Old French from Latin inserts in the form of quatrains (quatrains), as well as two letters — French king Henry II (or the "Great Apocalypse"), and his eldest son, Caesar ("Little Apocalypse").

The impetus for writing cryptic predictions was the vision has visited Nostradamus in 1549, and in the preface, he said that all his prophecies "from the mouth of the Holy Spirit."

He had to write in allegorical form, to use the language of symbols, comparisons, encrypted dates and names, as Nostradamus was afraid of persecution by the "holy" Inquisition, which is put to the astrologer permanent informants.

Michel Nostradamus (de Notre-Dame) — was born on December 14, 1503 into a Jewish family, forced to accept Catholicism. Interestingly, the Latinized name of Notre Dame (Nostradamus) includes an encrypted name of Adam and Astra (star), that is Nostradamus — "Star Adam."

After graduating from the University of Avignon, Michelle was awarded the title of Master of Arts, traveled, studied astrology. Opted for medical science and in the years 1522-1525 Michel de Notre Dame, studied medicine at the University of Montpellier, then celebrated with Francois Rabelais, predicting the success of the novel "Gargantua and Pantagruel" and the immortal glory of his creator.

The famous physician and astrologer Nostradamus knew perfectly Latin, Hebrew, Greek and Italian languages, studied ancient Egyptian and Oriental beliefs could produce miracle cures, wrote poetry, philosophical and medical works. He also spent many years with chemical and physical experiments, contemporaries compared his versatile talent of Leonardo da Vinci. Nostradamus tried to kill for black magic, but he was a devout Catholic, avoiding even remote contact with black magic.

Name of Michel Nostradamus, physician and philosopher of the Renaissance, is shrouded in thousands of legends. The reason for that — he had written, "Prophecy", containing the predictions of events up to 3797, the popularity of Nostradamus not only waned after his death, but, on the contrary, continues to grow with each passing decade, capturing more and more distant from the country of France.

"Centuries" (which translates as "Century"), translated into many languages. The writing of Nostradamus, as one of the researchers of his work, perhaps the only book other than the Bible, which for 400 years, published almost continuously. During these 400 years and has accumulated a rich library of books about Nostradamus. The first of these appeared during the life of the predictor.

Each subsequent commentator Nostradamus books, beginning with his contemporaries and to this day, has fitted his predictions to his own time, sometimes even reorient most of the predictions according to their personal preferences. And if you do not have enough materials Nostradamus The need for a commentator or they were not clear enough, then the name of the prophet published new quatrains. For example, in 1649 in France during the Fronde came spurious edition of the "Centuries", which included the quatrains exposing the Cardinal Mazarin. During the Second World War Office Goebbels issued a lot of flyers with forged the prophecies of Nostradamus predicting a victory of the "Third Reich".

These facts suggest that the popularity of Nostradamus, his authority over the centuries do not subside.

Perestroika flourishing democracy and transparency, as well as hard times being experienced by Russia, insecurity caused a rapid surge of interest in the predictions of Nostradamus. Nostradamus, with its clearly negative attitude toward communism and atheism was very uncomfortable figure for the former Soviet regime. His name is carefully edit out a publication. In many ways, this attitude to the prophet associated with the evil fruit of 73 years and 7 months — a period that Nostradamus took the Soviet government in our country.

A case where Nostradamus fell on his knees before the young Franciscan monk Felice Pierrette and foresaw him as a future head of the Roman Catholic Church. He did not believe the prophecy, and laughed, and 19 years later became Pope Sixtus V.

In 1781, Pope anathematized the predictions of Nostradamus, and forbade them to distribute. 10 years later, the revolutionary Jacobins destroyed the tomb of the hated scientist, hanging his skeleton and then scatter the bones (which, by the way, Nostradamus predicted). Its power saving fans, moving them to the church of St. Lawrence at the Salon (where they remain to this day). Defiler soon executed by order of Robespierre, who found in the "Centuries" prediction of "updating the Century" (the new chronology, introduced in France since 1792) and the overthrow of the king. The convention even decided to install on the grave of the great prophet plate with the inscription "The predictor of freedom." Nostradamus in his homeland in the town of Saint-Remy (France), he also built.


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