Odessa filmed UFOs. Video


3.11.11.Odessit managed to photograph the maneuvers of unidentified flying objects. Victor Peychev said he saw something outside the window is bright and dazzling at first thought it was a flare.

"Then Close supervision — for lighting rockets it is very large, that is, it has a diameter of 15 centimeters — 20, and that such as emissions in different directions. And it's — I look kind of like hanging hung over the house, "- says the man.

He grabbed the camera and began to take the smooth movement of the object from the south to the north.

"And the most interesting thing, when I started shooting, it was a feeling as if it is frozen. Stand still. The wife shouts, "Come on, shut the window, now we'll take" I said, "Do not take away, come on, will have time to escape." Well, in short, here I filmed it, and then he went away, and hid behind the house this one, "- says Victor Peychev.

According to him, it was already his second encounter with a UFO. I saw him the first time, did not find the camera, and a few days after the second time and the third on an unusual phenomenon.

Since the man was in the army air defense, the flying objects are well versed and I am sure that he had seen a UFO.

As reported by the witness's wife Larisa Peycheva, the object moved silently and was indeterminate color.

"Like, there is red, like, and yellow, and light, but it is clear that not a star, and it is clearly not a plane. Aircraft when flying, it is there flashing goes out there, and it is — quietly currently flies "- said the woman.

UFO Vyacheslav Konyakhin confirmed version of the pensioner. "This object is a type of energy-informational, and they, as it were, not material. They are more energy creation. Appear regularly, but do not need to fear, no impact, they do not have, just as they say, they have their own problems, we have our own problems. Now it has become a daily and constant at all times, each time changing just the place and time, "- said the expert.

Anna Grischuk, Irina Kurylo, Vlad Velichko.

Source: NTN, vgorode.ua

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