Officers of the Ryazan Airborne School will teach a war on BMPT Terminator

Officers of the Ryazan Airborne School will train to fight on the BMPT "Terminator"

A special session devoted to the application of battle car tank support (BMPT) "Terminator" in battle, will be held before the end of the week with the teachers and the commanders of the Ryazan Higher Airborne School, told RIA Previews Tuesday, a representative of the Defense Ministry for airborne troops (VDV), Major Ira Kruglov.

BMPT done in Russia since 2001, but until now machine not adopted by the Russian Army. Three BMPT "Terminator" have been put Russia in Kazakhstan in 2011, and later Astana applied for the purchase of another party.

"From 14 to 18 January 2013, on the eve of his return to structure Airborne Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School, with the command and the faculty of the college are held weekly commanding fees. As part of the military-specific training will be conducted by a practical session on "Promising standard tank support combat vehicle"Terminator"And promoted the concept of the introduction of this technology in the military criteria," — said Kruglov.

She added that the charges are attracted to the heads of departments and courses, as faculty structure Chairs special tactical disciplines.

"At the training center at the senior officers and faculty members will be accepted tests on the subjects of tactical and special training. Main subjects — fire and airborne training, driving armored assault" — said the representative of the Navy.

BMPT created to act in the tank formations in order to defeat the enemy anti-tank weapons. The range of weapons BMPT "Terminator"Consists of two 30 — millimeter automatic cannon 2A42, two launchers with supersonic anti-tank missiles" Attack-T ", two automatic grenade launcher AH-17D and 7.62 — millimeter gun.

The fire control system of the main armament machine-based multi-channel sight and panoramic low-level TV sight to detect and identify small targets at large distances during the day and NIGHT MODE and in adverse weather conditions. The presence of the three operators BMPT enables rapidly detect and immediately hit just three different targets in the sector of 360 degrees.

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