Official Belgrade hands over the hero of the Serbian people

Official Belgrade hands over the hero of the Serbian people

Belgrade has passed the 1 st of the last heroes of Serbia, just by signing the betrayal of his own people. Was arrested on May 26 Gen. Ratko Mladic, according to the lawyer Milos Shalicha, Gen. is "in serious psycho-physical condition, confused, disconnected, says," He suffered several heart attacks and strokes, partly paralyzed. He would live the last days in a decent environment, among relatives, friends, and Serbian tribunal on Friday ordered his extradition internationalist Hague tribunal.

Belgrade is going to give a person which became the real hero of his own people. His arrest was a shock for the people, not all Serbs adopted a "democratic values" in the country to take a ride wave of protests. And in their play and youth who can not be called "scoops", they have not caught the socialist Yugoslavia, the war is not waged on its ruins. Pupils and students who have grown under full dictate the pro-Western "elite", singing ancient songs of his native Serbian province of Kosovo, the memory is still alive. 10's of people have been arrested. Protests were also held in the Republic of Srpska within Bosnia and Herzegovina confederation.

At this time, the official Serbian media have launched an information campaign about the "joy" over the arrest of "war criminal" even been calls to get rid of "Russophile", it was reported that a "harboring" Gen. involved Moscow. Allegedly, the FSB was aware of where Mladic hiding. Build another line in the information war against Russia, "crimes (genocide) Mladic — Serb atrocities — participation of the Russian Federation, Russian. "

They are also supported by the Western media: they rejoice, as will be arrested and tried, in the words of the British The Times, «Butcher of Kosovo," the British newspaper The Guardian associates 'crimes' Mladic with Nazi atrocities. Where is the vaunted Western presumption of innocence? After all, wine is not confirmed Mladic — "man not guilty until confirmed by the turnaround. "

The arrest and extradition of General — this is the same line for elimination, and previously discredited disliked political and military favorites aggressive or potentially violent countries in the West, in this woeful list: Slobodan Milosevic, M.Babich, Seselj, S.Husseyn, M . Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad, Lukashenko … Well, Vladimir Putin, in the part of the Western media has long led a campaign to demonize, apparently, give a signal that will happen to him if it is behaving correctly.

Membership of the EU, which are so eager leaders of Serbia, looks like "barrel jam" for traitors. But the big question is whether Serbia will accept the European Alliance and then the betrayal of the people. The EU is at the current time, and she does not need another hitch, others can not solve it. Tadic is counting on the candidate status in the EU, but the European Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan fillet saw that the situation has not fundamentally changed. West needs to betrayal of the people was reasonably complete — it needs to deliver more of Goran Hadzic and accept the independence of Kosovo.

General Mladic — is man, protects property people, her enemies hated and feared, adored by the Serbs — for honesty, high professionalism, bravery, courage, for their love and devotion to the homeland, humanity. Mladic is one of the most recognizable military leaders of modern times, it was called "the genius of tactics." Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina confederation exists only because the political talent of Radovan Karadzic and the art of war, General Ratko Mladic, they were able to save the Serbs from complete genocide, keeping them at least some areas, the toughest criteria. His motto was, in his words, dignity, honor, faith, and freedom of the Serbs.

Having given this man the West, politicians of modern Serbia put the final "signature" by the fact that they are traitors …

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