Officials denied her a single mother of a newborn baby


7.12.12.Nachalnitsa Department guardianship Khamovniki Antonina Kobzeva Torchikovyh appeared in the apartment when Fedor was 8 days. Accompanied by two police official has taken away the baby and his 26-year-old mother, Olga to the police station.

Verdict Kobzeva sounded categorical: the baby in the house of the child, the mother — in all directions. Olga did not give even a document that her son was sent to a detention center № 6 for children with CNS and mental disorders.


Women's council against the system

This unique and cruel thing happened half a year ago in the Khamovniki district of the Central Administrative District of Moscow. It would seem that the child welfare authorities, who are obliged to assist and protect, acted as invaders. Judicial opposition officials and the NGO "Women's council on Děvičky" to help young mothers to return his son, lasted more than a year. The district court women lost. The Moscow City Court upheld the decision of the court in the Khamovniki force. If the appeal to Olga saw Fyodor times a week, after the decision of the Moscow City Court allowed the mother to visit her son once a month — despite the fact that the court has restricted her rights without denying them.

Ombudsman for Children Pavel Astakhov recently announced federal channels with screens that by 2018 Russia will be closed all the children's homes. Ombudsman assured that the federal program "Russia without Orphans" assumes that for five years, all the abandoned children will be arranged in the family. He would be, as they say, in the words …

Olga Torchikova phlegmatic temperament. Calm, kind, and caring. She is the eldest in a large family, with her younger sister with a disability tended to the last day. The child was very heavy, doctors assumed that the girl did not survive more than a year. She lived for nine years, according to those same doctors — solely because of concerns Olga. Younger brother Torchikovoy, Vanya, now 10 years old. So far Olya caring for him as for his own child.

March 30, 2011, Olga gave birth to a son. Gave birth to a single mother. On the 6th day, as usual, a mother with a newborn baby was discharged home. On the eighth day the boy was taken to a children's home № 6 by order of the department of custody and guardianship of the municipality Khamovniki CAO.

"We acted on the basis of written statements from employees of a children's polyclinic № 38 from ATC Khamovniki" — said the boss department guardianship Antonina Kobzeva. She said the family environment Torchikovyh a threat to life and health of the newborn. Olga's parents at the time did not work: the mother spent a week in the treatment of alcohol addiction, his father drank. Actually, the same pattern employees of the guardianship authority watch for twenty years. However, neither Olga nor her brother, nor even their sister with a disability who need special care, social workers seized. They came and demanded … But no concrete action is taken. Why is the son of Olga Torchikovoy taken immediately after birth?

According to the women of social organization, even during pregnancy if at Olga began hunting. The tutorship repeatedly urged her to abandon the child before birth. When Olga did not agree, she was offered a car to bring home from the hospital. Olga again refused. Then the child was taken by the police.

By their nature, humble, unsure of their own abilities Olga Torchikova so would have lost the ability to even see her son, if she had not advised to go to the "Women's council on Děvičky." From the time she was taken to the headquarters of the organization a letter asking for help for Olga stood the same single mothers like her. For almost a year they fought in court parental rights Olga. But won Antonin Kobzeva Fedor was in the orphanage.


And that the boy …

"We first encounter with the Gestapo methods on the part of the guardianship, — chairman of" women's council on Děvičky "Nelly Tolstoy. — A woman with a child, that a week-old deception (the mother was told that it will put on prophylactic treatment with the baby. — Approx. auth.) Was taken from the house to the police station number 60, took the baby and his mother drove. "

Nelly Alexandrovna said that the baby was sent to the first orphanage № 6, which dumped abandoned children from the Moscow stations and yards. Obviously, the regime always quarantine institution and can not get in there to anyone.

"Mothers of the child did not show, feed not given, although it was a lot of milk, and Olga was ready to come to feed as much as was necessary, — says a member of the Presidium of the" women's council, "mother of many children, Marina Levina. — We called every day, learned how healthy boy, and two weeks later we were told: you are here call it a week at another orphanage! "

In the orphanage № 13 Olga rushed immediately. And there, too, waiting for her — specially assembled panel of doctors and institutions. They are asked to sign a document, before the mother will see her son. And Olga signed: it "recognizes that the child is shown in her children's home № 13, is her son Theodore." The appearance of the baby in the weeks of age and in the month radically different. We can say that these are two completely different people. Does his son saw Olga, she still does not know.

"Children are born with blue eyes, and after a while the eye color changes — Marina Lewin. — Fedor was already a month with brown eyes. When we carried the boy stood behind us the whole panel of doctors — laughing, discussing something. I looked at the "Fyodor" and said, rather loudly, that this is not a child who does not like — the eyes of others. For all the talk back at once ceased. There was dead silence. "


Justice psychiatrists

Boss Department guardianship Antonina Kobzevadovolno cold met a delegation from the "women's councils," which became interested in history Olga Torchikovoy. to the question, on what basis took the baby, she referred to Article 77 of the Family Code. Allegedly, the department was authorized custody immediately "take the child with the direct threat to the life or health of a child." The threat, according Kobzeva existed. And not alone. Not only that she Olga dangerous because a child is registered in a mental hospital and has moderate mental retardation, so also parents Torchikovoy strong drink.

Social organization has learned that "the immediate confiscation" in Article 77 in effect until 2008. Then amended, that indicate that the removal of a child requires an act of the executive authorities of the Russian Federation.

The headmistress of the guardianship was quite surprised, "news" that the law has changed. But insisted that the special provisions of Moscow they allowed it. The document, which refers to Kobzeva, initiative group "Women's council" is also found, but it it was quite a different story. Had one last option — Torchikova mentally abnormal and a threat to the child.

In the court case, which, by the way, an employee of "women's councils" had the right to study, because Olga made them notarized power of attorney, which, as we know, can make a capable citizen, is in right mind, there were a few documents from the IPA, which was observed Torchikova. As one witness that — yes, there is a "moderate mental retardation," but no more. But we need to have more …

"The court ordered outpatient forensic psychiatric examination in a psychiatric hospital № 1. Alexeyev — says Nelly Tolstoy. — The trial in this connection suspended for six months. "

During the recess, "Women's council," procured for Olga and her son a ticket to the center of social, legal and psychological support to women "Hope". Boss Department guardianship Antonina Kobzeva not given permission for the temporary transfer of Theodore orphanage center "Hope." But there is a mother and child would be under the continuous supervision of the staff.

For examination, together with Olga Torchikovoy went and Marina Levin. According to her, after what she saw there, a certificate of insanity could be given to all, especially by physicians. "Just at the hospital revealed that an audience" insanity "was appointed to the same time, at 9:30 am, — says Marina. — We arrived there in advance. There were many people. I'm going to buy nowhere, all sitting hungry and weary waiting. "

Olga was last inspected, after lunch. Two experienced physicians (35 and worked for 45 years) determine whether there is a young woman in danger to others, or not.

"A minute or two after Olga went into the office, I heard loud screams, — says Marina. — Of course it was not her voice, she never cries. Olga had been heard, loud sound only, resort to the cry, we doctors. "

Olga Torchikova left office two doctors who are experienced mental hospital with a statement: "The danger to others." Based on this judgment was passed that Fedor is a children's home. According to the statement of claim Khamovniki district prosecutor Olga Court limited the parental rights and awarded alimony in favor of the children's home № 13 in the amount of a quarter of all types of earnings per month.

Olya Torchikova not working, she lives on a disability pension. For a while, the woman does not have to pay a quarter and half of its benefits, as the court ruled in March 2012, and Fedor is a children's home in April 2011. Olga's payback to the orphanage.


In mental retardation let doubt

The promoters of "women's councils' suspect actions of workers Hamovnicheskogo Department guardianship could wear ordered.

"What happened on the court, it is difficult to describe — said Nelly Tolstoy. — Olga humiliated and abused her. Ever wondered what it would be to feed the baby, and if she can cook porridge. Olga told me the whole process of cooking porridge, because not once did it at home. But in the minutes later we saw something else entirely. And when the judge asked her to tell the time clock, Olga right answer. Judges face contorted. The minutes recorded — time incorrectly identified. "

"We've all heard that babies are bought and sold, — Marina Lewin. — The demand is. And here and abroad. Fyodor was born healthy boy with a good weight (about 4 kg), with no abnormalities and complications. Even in pregnancy care workers department urged Olu abandon the child. And then it was not about the fact that it is "a threat to society!" Pressed on the fact that "one, a good income no, not right." Olga did not agree. And what do we see? You do not want in a good, shedding bad! "

It is known that for every child that is in the children's home, the institution gets good government payments. More children — more benefits. Where does this money and what happens in children's homes, it is a different matter. No wonder, Pavel Astakhov after the October inspection of children's homes is preparing materials to the prosecutor.

"Women's council on Děvičky" for 20 years. Moscow is the first women's council, which survived the changes 90s. Public organization has gone through all the difficulties, "repulsed" raider attacks and had reserved a room in the center of Moscow, twice rescheduled, the list of which changed with the law.

"Several times during the most difficult time for us to come to the aid of men, — says Nelly Tolstoy. — When we needed financial assistance to repair facilities and support single mothers, we were helped by a businessman Tornike Kopaleishvili. When we came up with a corporate raid, helped Alexander Lebedev. He provided us with legal and material support. "

To help resolve the situation Olga Torchikovoy women turned to the State Duma deputy Nikolai Gonchar. Official written several letters, but it had no effect no effect. Smiling proudly, Antonina Kobzeva said women — even complain to the prosecutor!

All this time, Olga Torchikova involved in the life "of women's councils at Děvičky." It helps to organize internal events, outreach visits and excursions.

"We are watching Olga daily for years — shows Nelly Tolstoy. — Her "moderate mental retardation" sometimes does not go to any comparison with "normal" other people with whom we have to communicate. She never showed any aggression or nervousness, not conflict with anyone. She communicates well with the children helped by "Women's council."


Is there justice after Moscow City Court?

The initiative group "Women's council" plans to file a supervisory appeal to the Presidium of Moscow City Court. Public organization will appeal to the fact that over the past year, while the litigation dragged on with Khamovnichesky court, much has changed. Olga's father and a half years does not drink alcohol, a year ago, he found a job. Mother Torchikovoy treated and also does not drink. "Women's council" will request to appoint another expert health Olga, as in the case there are two different diagnoses.

According to statistics, change the resolution, the Moscow City Court upheld, almost impossible. One chance in a million. But for him, a woman from the "women's councils" are ready to go to the end.



"Novaya Gazeta" sends a copy of the material authorized by the President of the Russian Federation for Children's Rights Pavel Astakhov.


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