Olympic stadiums threatened drying

Olympic stadiums threatened dry weather and climate

For the first time in the history of Britain in connection with the ongoing drought water companies are prohibited from artificial watering football stadiums, cricket and golf courses, and other natural playgrounds. Such a ban could be the reason why the four sports field of ten, prepared for the summer Olympic Games, to be completely unsuitable for competition.

Sunset at the Olympic Stadium next to the tower Orbit at the Olympic Park in east London.

The irony of this situation is that, in anticipation of the Olympic Games in 2012 in Britain, declared the year of sports. To involve citizens in an active way of life is extremely difficult, if you have nothing to offer them as a place to exercise, since many small playgrounds in a few months spring drought turned into tanks with dust. Due to inclement weather on the brink of failure charity event Fund Queen Elizabeth II, who was going to open a few free sports stadiums.

Certainly, the City will make every effort for the international sporting event of the first importance was no overlap in regardless of whether or not to stop the drought. Watering areas for riding and all stadiums will be provided by water resources of the river Thames, which would cost the city budget in a decent amount. The owner of the golf course and bowling alley in the open air will have to solve problems with watering their personal strength, for example, to use a private water wells.

The leaders of the "Sport England" offer in 2012 to begin training sports facilities before resorting to the use of recycled water, rainwater and even costly irrigation systems in order to successfully carry out their sports ideas.

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