On a flying near Earth asteroid, a series of earthquakes occur

February 15, 2013. Asteroid 2012 DA14, which today will be flown at a record close distance from the Earth, most likely, will feel the seismic surge in connection with the hit of the gravitational field of the planet. This space has a diameter to 45 m, rate of 7.8 km / s. The maximum distance at which it is able to come closer to the Earth, will be only 27,000 km, making it the champion among all before overflying the asteroid to avoid a collision.

Moscow time point of minimal distance asteroid reach at 23:20 on February 15. Orbit 2012 DA14 will be held within the geostationary ring, on which there are some satellites. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believe that the struggle with the gravitational field of the planet to an asteroid will not pass unnoticed. Most likely, it will happen a few local earthquakes, followed by the scientists intend to watch. Such an opportunity presented itself for the first time the scientific community.

Since the Richter scale is pointless to apply to the measurement of force pushes on asteroids, the unit of measurement is proposed to use the gravitational acceleration g. The strength of earthquakes 2012 DA14, likely to be in the range of a mile to the micro-g-g. In addition to actually slight earthquake landslides in craters asteroid. NASA is going to organize online broadcast of the flight of the asteroid, viewing is available to everyone.

Source: EcoWars.tv

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