On about. Java was a new landslide

January 15, 2013. The cause of the landslide in the Indonesian city of Bogor in the west about. Java became torrential rains on several Prescribe weeks here. In the village Chibogor formation of soil covered seven houses that were in the valley, over which hangs a mountain. During a landslide killed two people, one of the victims was a teenager 12 years.

4 more Indonesians were entered in the list of missing persons. And the dead and missing were asleep when their house collapsed landslide. Later in the process of search and rescue operations for missing managed to find, but none of them survived. Three of the newly victims were younger than 18 years. The landslide has two residents of the village at the age of 60 and 12 years old, suffered serious life-threatening injuries.

Landslide, happened a few days earlier, blocked the stretch of road leading from Bogor in Chandzhur. Between the cities is not yet possible to resume. Layer land fell to the track with a 20-meter cliff in front of the resort «The Villas». Because of the landslide movement in the pass-Chandzhur Punsak closed, and travelers still use the route, which runs through Sukabumi.

Source: EcoWars.tv

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