On the beach in Australia Sperm whales have died

January 28, 2013. On the beach in Australia family of dwarf sperm whales died, according to ABC News. Animals — mother and cub — was found on the sand in New South Wales on Sunday, January 27. According to experts, the sperm whale was not likely to survive, because they were both too weak.

On the beach, marine mammals could be due to a severe storm caused by a tropical cyclone, but the cause of the incident has yet to be set. AAP reports that the animals was found approximately two kilometers apart.

Veterinarians and representatives of environmental organizations tried to maintain sperm whales lives and provided them with the necessary assistance, but their efforts have not yielded positive results, and mammals were killed. In the near future will be performed autopsies of dead animals.

Pygmy sperm whales — a rather small whales. Grow to about two or three meters, weigh 300-400 pounds. They live in the tropics and subtropics. The basis of the diet of these animals are cephalopods, they are less likely to eat fish and crabs. They try to keep away from the coast, and therefore dwarf sperm whales are rarely observed.

Source: Lenta.ru,

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