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The situation with the mass death of fish in the river Great Cheremshan kept under constant control.

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19.02.12.Nehvatka oxygen caused the mass death of fish in the Big Cheremshan in Dimitrovgrad.

Rybinspektsii staff and FEMA are trying to save the fish, making the hole in the ice, but, apparently, for real improvements require more extensive measures. While the fish rushing into the air, flinging fishermen.
Environmental catastrophe that happens to include February 15 in Dimitrovgrad. There, in the water of the river Big Cheremshan, said the MEP area, there is a significant shortage of oxygen. Because of his lack of fish kills began, which is suffocating under the ice.

Photo: Boris and Tatiana Kapkovyh.

When wells fish shoals rushes to him. This is used by fishermen, hundreds pushed down on the ice. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, on Friday, the river has left more than 400 fishermen. On Saturday, when the place of the incident left the staff of the Ministry, they were on the river for more than a thousand people.
Fishermen, specify in the MEP, use and illegal tackles, despite the presence on the ground of state inspectors rybinspektsii.
When we reached the experts studied the situation on the river and its tributaries. It turned out, according to Ministry of Natural Resources, which Melekesskaya and involving all hands, as well as in smaller streams in places the water is frozen to the bottom. It is caused by low temperatures, standing in Dimitrovgrad last week. Zamor himself associated with a decrease in the water level in the tributaries of the Kuibyshev Reservoir in its preparation for the reception of the spring floods.
Rescuers Dimitrovgrad and rybinspektory make artificial open water on the river and expand existing ones, to the water more oxygen. But told us Dimitrovgrad ecologist Boris Kapkov, these measures are obviously not enough. According to him, the ice on the river to crack.
So far, the fish going to the wells, flinging fishermen. According to the ecologist, on Sunday for their catch at an environmental disaster happened more than five thousand people. At night, the fishermen get their catch nets and stuffed into bags. Day catch hook or lure just Bagram. Small fish thrown on the ice, taking larger.

Photo: Boris and Tatiana Kapkovyh.

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