On the island of Java landslide occurred, there are casualties

February 9, 2013. Wednesday evening in the village Luvung on the Indonesian island of Java Landslide. Eight local residents were buried under a thick layer of earth. Two of them were rescued, the others have either died or are missing.

First, the slopes of the volcano Slamet, which is located in the vicinity village, came down a little landslide. The villagers tried to save their corn fields, so were unable to escape in time from the second landslide, says "Jakarta Post".

The search for missing residents complicates rain. In addition, rescue workers fear a new landslides, especially after the tragic accident happened already two similar incident.
In a village in the north of Sumatra Pamah, meanwhile, also Landslide. At least 40 houses were buried under a thick layer of earth. The reason — the heavy rains that lasted for several days.

Source: News Gismeteo

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