On the Mississippi collapsed destructive hail

March 21, 2013. The unprecedented storm front hit earlier this week by the U.S. staff Mississippi, bringing with it damaging winds and hail.

Most trouble with locals (especially in Jackson and the surrounding area) has delivered hail, who spared neither car windows and buildings, no rooftops, no yard fragile objects. According to the National Weather Service, hail the size was comparable to the size of the ball for softball, in diameter — more than 10.5 centimeters. This is not seen in 20 years.

As a result of rampant disaster suffered at least three people: two injured by shrapnel when hail broke the glass of their cars, one person received various injuries when his house fell a huge tree, felled by strong winds.

In some areas of the state Mississippi wind gusts reached 120 kilometers per hour, which led to the downfall not only of many trees, but the cliff lines. In many buildings, both residential and administrative, hurricane wind tore off the roof. In Tupelo wind blew the roof off the building of the Department of Social Services in West Point — from the building of a local court in Grenada — a large store.

Were affected by the storm and rescue service staff themselves Mississippi. In addition to the official cars damaged by hail and administrative buildings, local rescuers also have to repair a number of systems of radio and satellite communications, the hurricane damaged by wind and hail.

The damage from the disaster yet calculated, but it is now clear that the local insurance services this storm will bring a multi-million dollar losses. According to the Commissioner of Insurance by State Mississippi, expected soon from 35 to 50 thousand complaints from local residents for the payment of insurance for the affected cars and other property. According to preliminary estimates, to pay for these insurances will take at least $ 100 million.

Source: News Gismeteo

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