On the territory of Serbia tornado swept

April 3, 2013. In late March, unexpectedly, in a small Serbian settlement of Torda from Municipality Zhitishte there was a tornado. Inside the funnel of wind was enough to ensure that almost completely destroyed more than a hundred buildings in the village where mostly populated by ethnic Hungarians, and leave without a roof for about 20 homes.

Fire brigades and rescue units arrived on the place natural disasters, trying to stabilize the situation. No casualties were reported information, however, the damage caused by the tornado, has an unprecedented scale and is valued at millions of dollars. Created chaos in the streets because of uprooted trees, overturned and mangled cars. To eliminate the effects of tornado municipality Zhitishte requested assistance from the state ogranizatsii.

When, in 2009, Serbia happened tornado, damage to the country's 4.5 million measured Serbian dinars. From-the lack of adequate evacuation plan in place disaster killed 9-year-old boy.

Source: EcoWars.tv

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