Open embassy in Moscow to Atlantis?




Philip Lanier

Next summer may occur biggest sensation — French scientists have promised to unlock the mystery of Atlantis. Group of marine archaeologists in July sent an expedition to the area west of the Strait of Gibraltar. It explores the mysterious underwater array, located at a depth of 56 to 200 meters. That there should be submerged ruins of the city. Scientists, besides various objects of an ancient way of life, hope to discover and sample the legendary weapons of Atlantis, which has an incredible all-conquering power. Divers have reported finding many caves with traces of their stay in the person.

The expedition was led by the famous party discovery of "Titanic" George Tulloch. Research will hold divers using two submarines equipped with powerful lights, cameras and manipulators. Submarines may operate at a depth of 1,000 meters for 6 hours. French scientists are convinced that there was Atlantis, as evidenced by all the calculations and ancient documents. At the same region indicated the ancient philosopher and historian of Plato.


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