Open letter to citizens of their own country of the future president of the Russian Federation!

Good morning! I do not know who you are.

But I hope and believe that you, like me, a citizen of Russia, who loves her sincerely and devotedly. I hope and believe that our homeland will not empty words. I hope and believe that you, like me, are investing in their own child (own children) love for their own country, their own land, to own municipal Russian language and the history of their own country. I hope and believe that you, like me, want to prosperity their countries — the Russian Federation; want our kids live a long and happy life in a free, rich and powerful country.

I know that for you to get languid fraction. Restore Russia after more than 20 years of devastation. Disruption in the brain, the economy, science, education, the army and navy, in the social sphere, in medicine, in the judicial and law enforcement systems, agriculture, etc.

And I, as a real PATRIOT own country — of, I sincerely wish for you to promote. I'm not poor, not poor but not rich. I do not have bank accounts, the money for which I could invest in the economy of their country. But I have a love for their own homeland, the desire to make her happy and FAITH. Faith in you.

I believe that you have a clear idea of the path to prosperity, to which should go our homeland and its people. I know that this will be a thorny path is long, but fully capable. And I think that in this way we will have:

1. To pick up your "team" is not on a similar relationship, and on professionalism.
2. Lift censorship in the media.
3. Ratify the articles of the UN Convention on Corruption.
4. Enter for a "rule" proclamation of the President of his own people a means of mass media.
5. Legislate responsibility of deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly, and for the performance of its own obligations.
6. Legislate against the bureaucrats at all levels to take the "other" positions.
7. Provide the full independence of the Chechen Republic to the revision of the outcome of the military campaign, the recognition of the genocide of the Russian people on its territory and demanding the extradition of criminals involved in it.
8. "Return", "election" of Governors and the federal cities of Russian Federation subjects.
9. "Return", "threshold" of voter turnout.
10. Enter the "election" of control urban militias.
11. Initiate the configuration of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in terms of:
-stricter liability municipal, city officials, employees of the military administration, the police, prosecutors, adjudicators for taking bribes in the "side" of serving the real long term and confiscation of property;
-at destination offender indefinite detention, because of the offense, the possibility of its early release;
-include responsibility for parasitism.
12. Research and analysis of your "team" foreign political situation in the world, on the basis of this analysis to identify potential hazards and take the military doctrine of the country.
13. Based on the received doctrines of refinement and revision as required military-administrative division of the Russian Federation, the structure of the Armed Forces, its numbers, locations of the units and formations.
14. Create the Ministry of Defence of certain "rules of engagement" in which the "red line" should be read by all theorem: Life Russian fighter is primary, everything else is secondary.
15. Create a long and aggressively controlled program from patriotic and military-patriotic education of youth contract with the Union of Cinematographers of Russia on the creation of film production of the respective directions, translate channel "Star" in the category of federal, enter into an agreement with the Council of rising about state support of the organization, to make appropriate amendments to the The law "On education".
16. Locate the municipal order Russian producers to develop and create uniforms and tactical equipment for law enforcement agencies, the respective international standards of comfortable and safe.
17. Locate municipal Order Russian producers to develop and create new structures for the power of weapons and military equipment.
18. Enter into an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Cuba and Vietnam to host a contingent of Russian troops on their terrain. Accordingly, Lourdes, Cam Ranh.
19. Create a program from the hard municipal control over the preservation of cultural monuments.
20. Increase the price of alcohol and tobacco products. Allow the heads of subjects of Russian Federation, municipal formations to enter the full or partial ban on the circulation of the product entrusted to the area.
21. Create a function verbovaniya ban violators to administrative responsibility means to impose severe fines, and, if he is unable to pay the offender, forced direction thereof, for public works under the supervision of the respective services.
22. Create a municipal program from the development and support of small and medium-sized businesses, first production, and consider it a priority for the economic development of the country.
23. Create a municipal development program from the network of preschool institutions.
24. Create program from the municipal to support young families with an embodiment of the lump Monetary incentive for furnishing essentials and "maternity capital" for all kids and tight control over their spending.
25. Create a program from the municipal to support basic science.
26. Cancel FZ «» № 94.
27. Conduct a cost-based assessment of Russia's WTO entry.
28. Enshrine in legislation the right of the people of the Russian Federation to own short-barreled weapon with the elaboration of the order of purchase, carry, use and rigid responsibility in the event of an illegal introduction.
29. Legalize prostitution.
30. Tighten the function of citizenship's Russian Federation citizens of other countries means:
-test ("test") period;
-medical examination with the following fingerprinting;
-competitor of documents on education;
-check the knowledge seeker foundations of Russian language;
-compulsory taking of the oath of allegiance.
31. Expose "judgment of history", "reform" education. Create a municipal development program from a network of free school facilities, especially in rural areas. Development of training manuals to carry out strict accordance with the history and achievements of the country.
32. Due to the fact that our home is a zone of risky agriculture, initiate municipal support program from Russian agricultural producers with the ability to verbovaniya their contractual foreign professionals in high-level
33. Legally restrict the ability of municipalities control the transfer of agricultural land in the category of general purpose.
34. Initiate a rigorous test of the country's money is spent in the last 20 years, with the identification of "abuse" and atrocities on the principle of "no statute of limitations in at least some point of the planet" to bring officials of the country regardless of their positions to justice and even "in absentia".
35. Reclaim illegally acquired by capital in Russia.

Sovereign future President!

I understand that all that is written above messy. Excuse me. I'm not a lawyer, not an economist, not a political scientist, not a politician. I do not have a scientific degree. I'm just a fighter own country, sent by her, full of energy, in store at the age of 38. But I know that both your and your team of experts plans to rebuild the country, there are other events.

You have in front of 6 years. This is a very good time. For a huge accomplishment! I know that you are a spec
ialist, demanding to discover and subordinate to the citizens of their own country. You do not want to get rich. I know that you come to your own post because of the pain. Pain for Private Lude and our country. That she got up as epic hero, from his knees, and sighed deeply. For it to be generous and hospitable, peace-loving, but once cruel.
I know that you, like me, do not want, that Russia has again become an empire or hegemony. We all know that the Empire at some point disappear into oblivion. How, in fact, and hegemon.

You know exactly what make your plans. And I have to believe it!

And when that happens, you're sluggish, but not broken, proud of himself, one of the main Russian TV channels refer to all the Russian people in other countries:

— Fellow citizens! Look at our home with you! It is strong, well developed, it is not dangerous to live in her terrible laws, it has the equipped home, find a job in it all. There is nothing for you to do in a foreign land. Come back! Without any criterion. And we will meet you as mom meets son, who had returned from the war.

Sovereign future President!

Your descendants will compare with the majestic Peter. In the history books will be written by the scientists that under your control by the state is not "double flowers bloomed" corruption of civilization is not dying out, the country is not forgotten their history, country Do not betray its own allies and his own fighter. And many more ……. NOT

In memory of your leadership, HONOURED!, Shall call the streets, squares and libraries.

I believe the future President of the emperor, what exactly the way it is!
With reverence!

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