Open letter to the Club submariners NEA President Putin

Open letter to the Club submariners NEA President Putin

From Ed.: We were on the city web portal turned Club submariners NEA requested to fax to the address an open letter to the President of the Russian Federation. It experts at the factory claim that the wine sailors of the Pacific Fleet submarine disaster "Nerpa" was invented, and blame this and — the system of the country of corruption, and some crooks, and of which we need to find and lure. We publish a letter on behalf of A. Vasilenko, and then send an email with a link to on electric post of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

Pochetaemy Vladimir Vladimirovich!
Understanding your bolshennuyu congestion, we still have to go in person to for you on the new councils, the commander of the nuclear submarine "Nerpa" DB Lavrentiev sailor Dmitry deathly.

We, the members of the Club submariners Amur shipyard, built submarines of various projects and served on them. We know the sailors of the Pacific Fleet, which spent many days in the water. And we are far from clear why the performance is played back, the main purpose of which, planted on the bench warlord nuclear submarine "Nerpa".

In the past year, the other day the first trial in Vladivostok on DB Dimitri Lavrentiev Coffin, admirals, vice-admirals, captains of the first rank in Vladivostok Maritime Board and former commanders of the Pacific Fleet read as justified and that this whole disaster with nuclear submarine "Nerpa" to blame for the situation that has developed in our military-industrial complex, not commanders nuclear submarines.

One would think that after such statements military PF tribunal had to figure out to find and punish the guilty. Three years was a consequence of the case of nuclear submarine "Nerpa" but no results. As if it were not for management of ACS 'Molybdenum-I ", which designed the NGO" Aurora "and that unauthorized fire many times. And across the land have failed those bastards who put freon with toxic tetrachlorethylene.

The investigation did not understand why after many positives LOH (large chemical boat) on nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky", the designers did not put the software "trap" on the nuclear submarine "Nerpa" and warned the tragedy in the Sea of Japan. And to them it was a few months.

Neither the military prosecutor's Pacific Fleet, the FSB could not, or perhaps did not want to look into that case, the intricacies of which dealt housewives of the jury, and acquitted Lavrenteva and deathly. They realized that in spite of everything that is happening in the Russian military-industrial complex, by some miracle, the Amur shipbuilders and seafarers military will hand over nuclear submarine "Nerpa" Indian Navy. Even they did not doubt that the government itself can not admit guilt and can not find the bad guys, whose fault occurred state disaster. And you need to find the guilty. That re-invented the judgment seat.

We, who for many years have built and rented fleet of nuclear submarines are concerned not only the criminality of those responsible for the disaster with the nuclear submarine "Nerpa", and the great moral side of the story. After all, who are going to sue? Military officer, who came under the act poisonous vapors of tetrachlorethylene, was able to give competent team, which eventually runs out of mass catastrophe.

The only thing he did not know that someone's selling a soul set on fire submarines in Loch toxic gas. It is doubtful, whether he agreed with the decision of Russian control agency for shipbuilding and naval shipbuilding management, due to which system "Molybdenum" did not pass interdepartmental tests that identify and eliminate defects prototypes.

D.B.Lavrentev approved summary, actually prohibiting the use of remote shut-off to activate the sprinkler system. Post ognegasitel compartments nuclear submarine "Nerpa" authorized only from the central station and manually. And this was all crew members are trained.

The Indian side could break the contract for the nuclear submarine "Nerpa", which was built and gave up almost 20 years, but did not go on this way, and only claimed that the particular Lavrentyev and his crew brought the ship tests and training Indian seamen. One can only wonder resistance and the highest moral qualities submarine commander " Seal" which after the court found within himself the strength to carry the ship across two oceans and pass it the Indian Navy.

All the inquiry into the tragedy at the nuclear submarine "Nerpa" purely classified. Even the management of the Amur shipyard, despite neodnakratno appeal and has not received an act of investigation, though it's been more than 3 years. This secrecy allows the prosecution to do very strange statements that are hard to refute. For example, the medical examiner's findings that the presence of tetrachlorethylene in the extinguishing agent does not have any impact on the cause of death of people killed on the nuclear submarine "Nerpa".

As has become clear from the media, the creator of appeal, filed on retrial nuclear submarine "Nerpa" to the Supreme Tribunal of the Russian Federation Prosecutor F. Mammoth virtually declared subsequent: judgment, justified Lavrenteva and deathly, be considered until such time as the case will not be handed down a guilty verdict. It is necessary to realize this: if and now that it is entirely possible that the tribunal would justify Lavrentjev went out and brought the other jurors. And so to the finish.

To the criminal case on the disaster at nuclear submarine "Nerpa" attracted ATC Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Although it must deal with the FSB. When we asked the department for combating economic crimes ATC Komsomolsk-on-Amur, which has brought criminal charges in February of the year, we explained: "We are passionate about the fact that the two companies have put up two accounts on chladone, here we have them and check …."

To realize this, when the fact of delivery of toxic ognegasitelya on the submarine comes to the obvious fraud very seriously. Deal Nuclear submarine "Nerpa" — blatant sabotage against municipal interests and strategic facility, which is the nuclear submarine "Nerpa". And it must deal with the FSB.

An awkward attempt to make the public opinion about the fact that the Amur police will be able to clarify this complicated case, failed. While the media continues to publish unverified information that still came out on the nuclear submarine "Nerpa". So, Channel 5 TV of St. Petersburg in the program "Country troechnikov" claimed that nuclear submarine "Nerpa" was created fire hazards and the crew can not cope with it, because the submarines were laymen and average performers.

Cast a shadow on the commissioning team NEA and the crew of nuclear submarine "Nerpa". After all, St. Petersburg journalists troechniki not bother to find out if in fact the situation in the nuclear submarine fire risk "Seal", and for that bestowed civilian professionals and members of the crew. And it's shameful stai
n hitherto denigrates the honor and dignity of the Pacific Fleet sailors and shipbuilders Amur. And then there's this second tribunal over Lavrentiev Coffin, who, according to the views of specialists on Channel 5, will have to confirm that on the nuclear submarine "Nerpa" are non-professionals.

We wholeheartedly pin our hopes that you, Vladimir Vladimirovich., As a municipal leader, we understand and intervene.

On behalf of the Club submariners Amur shipyard
AV Vasilenko

Chairman of the club divers NEA PAC veteran, a member of the military transition Kamchatka, Hawaii, Kamchatka

The address:
681000, Komsomolsk-on-Amur,
Str. Sebastopol, 12-9
Tel: home. (4217) 55-01-78,
Mob. 89147796885
Anatoly Vasilenko

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