Opportunity discovered a strange ground at the bottom of a trench dug them




The soil of Mars scientists presented another riddle

The U.S. Mars rover Opportunity has found them in the bottom of the excavated trench strange ground. It was found that the soil a few inches below the surface is much brighter and lighter than the dark red top layer of soil. This has resulted in a bewildering researchers.

Now, the rover will explore this new ground with spectrometers and a microscope on its automated "hand" trying to figure out the differences of soil depth from the soil surface. Rob Sullivan, head of the mission said that special attention has attracted scientists 'lumpy' nature of soil on top of the trench. One possible explanation — the presence of salts in the soil sticky.

It is noteworthy that the role of a shovel when digging a trench running one of the front steering wheels, deployed across the direction of the trench. The rover traveled back and forth a little while turning to the left and to the right and holding the wheel each time on the same site. Before we get the required depth of the groove, the car a long time to repeat these scrubbing motion. It is reported MEMBRANA.Ru.


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