Orange snowfall in France

Photo from space, at 15:00 GMT on February 10 2013 g © Eumetsat |

February 10, 2013. The approach of spring effect in enhancing the atmospheric processes. Drive up from the south heat intensifies atmospheric fronts and cyclones making deeper and more inclement.

On the weather map the German weather service are just two of the hero of recent events — the North American storm "Nemo", has just left the territory of the United States, and the Atlantic cyclone "Reynolds", carrying the snow in Europe.

His first encounters France, where the maximum wanted — "orange" level of risk. In the western provinces of the country precipitation will fall in the form of heavy rains, and in the east — in the mixed phase, including a heavy wet snow.

Brunt of the disaster will have on Monday night. In Paris, could fall more than 10 cm of wet snow. In the capital's airports canceled dozens of flights.

Then cyclone "Reynolds" will go to the south-east, in the Mediterranean. In Italy, it will bring very heavy rain with thunder and wind storm in the mountains will be the snowfall.

Prognostichekskaya map Forecast as of 12:00 GMT on February 11, 2013 © DWD |

Map storm warning in France. © Eumetnet |

Photo from space, 10 February 2013 g © Eumetsat |

The radar map, February 10 2013 g ©




Source: News Gismeteo

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