OTs-33 Pernach

OTs-33 "Pernach"

After removing the MTA with his arms army units were used in the departments of the security services. In 1993, commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, was an attempt to modernize the MTA. Modified pistol was planned change in unsafe urban criteria of 5.45-mm and 7.62-mm Kalashnikov assault rifles. But for various reasons, this work is braked at the start. At the end of the same year, the Interior Ministry concluded a contract with the Tula TSKIBSOO to develop a new automatic pistol chambered for 5.45 GPM. Theme, the team charged by Igor Yakovlevich Stechkin, and then gun, received the title of "dart".

Low power and rather weak stopping power 5.45mm cartridge greatly limited the scope of the introduction of new tools. Already in July 1995 gun OTs-23 "Dart" will be revised under cartridge 9×19 "pistol." Brand new development intrigued Interior Ministry, and by the end of the same year TSKIBSOO received an order to develop a 9mm automatic pistol, but under Russian chuck 9×18 PM in regular and enhanced versions. In April 1996, he was made the first standard 9mm automatic pistol, received the title of OC-PO "Pernach"And in July 2002 he was presented at the international exhibition in Moscow.

OTs-33 "Pernach"

"Pernach" inherited "Dart" unusual scheme of automation: to reduce the effects of impact on the accuracy of automatic fire (when the scheme with a free gate) both guns are movable barrel. The OC-PO after firing the shutter rolled back by 70 mm and hits a powerful spring-loaded barrel, which continues to move by 5 mm. Due to the impact of accession to the weight of the mass of the trunk significantly reduced shutter speed of the latter. At the last rear position trunk and slide under the influence of its own springs begin to move forward. After 5 mm barrel stops, and shutter continues to move and shall be sent from the double-row magazine into the chamber after the cartridge.

If the associate — both guns have a trigger mechanism double act. Included fuse securely closes the firing pin shutter, the trigger and the trigger, ensuring maximum safety during an appeal with a loaded gun, and the fuse may be included as when deflated, and when hammer is cocked. By the way, the fuse is doing well and the function of an interpreter fire. For shooting with both hands fuse boxes and magazine release are made symmetrical. Index of presence of a cartridge in the chamber will take visually and to the touch. Rear sight and front sight inserts provided to facilitate aiming at dusk.

OTs-33 "Pernach"

To reduce the "popping" when shooting "Pernach" has a gas compensator. With the passage of the bullet in the barrel propellant gases pass into the cavity of the valve-cover and are reflected upwards. But this is a common and effective device has drawbacks: it not only led to the fact that the increased length of the gun, and shooting from difficult positions when an instrument is placed close to hand, for example, when shooting from the leg. In addition, when released into the cavity of the compensator of an object, for example, spent cartridges, there is a delay.

But with all the external similarity "Pernach" qualitatively different from the "Dart", and not just the caliber. Cartridge 9 mm caliber with a highest stopping power has permitted to abandon the concept of damage accumulation at the expense of a frisky triple of hitting the target. At OC-PO is no mechanism cutoff line for three shots, and the firing rate was reduced from 1,800 to 850 rounds per minute. To increase the stability when firing a powerful "Pernach" received a removable butt (OC-23 in the absence of the stock was included in the TTZ), but because of their own short length of such butt fit, except that only the Lilliputians. As required by the gun mozhgut be installed laser sighting device and a silencer and besplamen.

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