Otymayut pride

During the celebration of the 67th anniversary of the victory in the war majestically Russian journalist wrote me Karaganda. Here is her letter in full.

Take away the pride

Greetings. Maybe for you it may seem weird, but wanted to write about the 9th of May. Just in my environment is unlikely someone will possess me. Here, it is curious what you think. On this anniversary of the victory brought a wealth of materials on Russian TV (especially on the first) about how we helped the second front. On what the fellows Americans and British. They say, and grub, and military equipment were given to us and without their help we would generally screwed up. Now in a news story about the Victory Day parade showed Putin's speech, which said that victory was achieved through the joint efforts of the coalition forces. Well, or something like that.

1. 5 years back to us in Karaganda from Kaluga came my cousin, which said that it is not fundamentally St. George ribbon. I asked why? It's a sign of our victory. He said, since it's a lie. We overcame a reddish banner. Can somehow relates to the communist system, but the truth is that we have paid the cost of the stately, fighting under the banner of this (by the way, my brother is not a communist.)

In other words, it would read that George Ribbon is such a neutral thing, like, and yours and ours. To the West is not cursed. It can not give away the Putin regime reddish ribbons. My brother was willing to wear just such a color in a day of victory.

At the moment I think my brother was wrong. The point is not that Mr. Putin crouches a curtsy before the "international community." I think it is much worse — they destroy the pride of the people for their own Protz and make today's generation feeble.

2. Three years back, when I was working at the national TV channel, we had a huge job to do an interview with some Russian war veteran stateliness. I did it. Long-outlined her feelings from that person. Without exaggeration: "Nails to make of these people. Was not used in the world of nails stronger." I myself felt after talking with 90-year-old grandfather just miserable, cynical weakling. I'm so far under a very great impression on him. But then I sunk one thing: I did not ask about the veteran, but he kept saying, "second front was opened in the 44th, not the 43rd …" This phrase is inserted into the our conversation at times, though, I repeat again, it was not related to the questions that I asked him.

I realized later: his grandfather was sad that all the channels they say is not true. But then I reacted to this is not to say that flegmantichno (I was hooked), but with the idea: "Ah-ah-ah-ah, the Americans to want to stick our victory."

3. And now they say they are on the majestic Western contribution to the victory of our grandfathers and grandmothers. Hunt to cite the example of a passage from the book of Karaganda, majestically Russian war veteran, war veteran Malik Imasheva. The book is called "Youth of the World II the mighty Russian war and our victory and what it means." Excerpt big, but it is worth it to read it:

"Now about the" massive logistical help of the U.S. and Britain for Victory. " No one has ever denied or downplayed the importance of "aid" allies during the war, Russian majestically. Assistance was. But what she has held a place in our victory, if indeed it was a "massive"? Let's face it.

But before that you need clarification. What is a "help"? As the word is understood in its ordinary sense? Help — a voluntary, timely, free action to maintain a close, got in failure, either in solving any of its problems. Was the "help" of the U.S. and the UK Russian Union of free, timely and volunteer? Absolutely not. "Help" we were getting on so-referred to as the Lend-Lease (by the way, this time the media on May 9, also read as the Lend-Lease Act, but the audience did not explain what it is. "(Auto letters). Translated from the British Land-Lease means "lend" to sell on credit, sell on credit. Lend Lease — invented a new kind of bonded hucksters U.S. business. Since he acted during the war, in the criteria of our dire need, it was a bloodthirsty, predatory against the U.S. . "Supply in the USSR, we not only refund your money, and extract huge profits" — admitted last then U.S. Secretary of Commerce J. Jones.

The fact that the terms of Lend-Lease was for us onerous and humiliating, it is seen from the following: The U.S. and UK billed for payment for supplies upon shipment. We have shipped to you, or you have not — it's not our business, pay the bill, read as our benefactors. At the same time, our products as payment for their supplies are capitalized only when they arrive at their warehouses or in safe deposit boxes.

As proof of the spoken above, I would have to refer to the fate of Convoy PQ-17, Driven purchased by us equipment. First, the summer of 1942, the UK in agreement with the Soviet Union has equipped this convoy, consisting of 39 cargo ships. They were guarded by 60 warships allies, among which were the battleships, destroyers. In remote loomed even two U.S. aircraft carriers and hundreds of other warships. But halfway team of Admiralty British ships turned back, leaving the convoy PQ-17 without cover. The pretext for such action was the me-tion of the probable attack of the British non-mtsami — their battleship "Tirpets." Incidentally, the latter at that time was on its own base of 310 km from the left without the protection of the ship's merchant fleet, with which non-metskaya aircraft and submarines and coped without the "T-rpitsa." As a result, 27 of the ship of the convoy were sunk, 9 have received such injuries that he almost made it to our database from the mangled load. Only 3 ships occasion got to us intact. Of the 350 thousand tons of cargo bought us the least we got third, and paid for everything, including the fact that the British, as luck would have allowed the seabed.

Here, I think, not the "Tirpitz" povinet and English hitroumtsy, planned and carried out the action: and funds received and the Germans supported the fact that the military have deprived us of the purchased goods.

Two more examples: the English cruiser "Edinburgh" we shipped in payment of supplies, not including the rest, 5.5 tons of gold. The Germans 'Edinburgh' let the bottom of the sea, coupled with our gold. Because we had to pay again.

For the United States to own ship we shipped in payment of supplies hundreds of thousands of pieces of fur, platinum, precious tree species, reddish fish, reddish and black caviar. Our ship safely to port destinations in the U.S., but more than three days stood at anchor, waiting for unloading. Do not wait. On the roads in the South American sea port it was torpedoed and went to the bottom of the sea. Despite this, we again had to be calculated. By the way, in order to pay for the supplies we shipped U.S. 300 thousand tons of manganese, 300 tons of chrome ore is very necessary for our defense industry. "

These are, stories from veterans. Hunt only to add that the book Imasheva released in an edition of 300 copies. Total 300! And speaking of Mr. Putin quoted all the news channels. Add more to this new documentary films about cute superpomoschi such capitalists.

Why do I believe Imasheva, not Putin? A long time to explain. But neither America nor Britain never in history has bel
onged to the Russian Federation as an equal partner. Especially since the Soviet Union. In America, fired from their jobs simply for being in the middle of your acquaintances was a communist. And that's a fact. What sort of help here.

Veterans won the war not because of, but in spite of everything and everybody.

Now compare your feelings:

If they say to you — your on-the-race did in fact impracticable. And another feeling: you're able to, if not for the help of the West?

4. She wrote to the 9th May the material about which objects in the years majestically Russian war were evacuated to the Ka-ragandu or to construct in this period. Employees of the regional archives know strongly enough. Suffice it to say that they know what to plant Parkhomenko performed a weapon for the Red Army. But they do not know to this day what it is. And you know why? In the declassified documents of the Soviet weapon states codes. For example, M-65. Do they have these designations. But in 20 years of independence, these historians did not bother to clarify what is hiding under these designations! They can realize, as explained to the employee file — they work as planned. Here he uttered find information about hunger, they do (dig evidence what horseradish was a Russian Alliance).

I climbed up on the Web. There found a book of 51-year and very exciting information! I refuses to believe in the fact that 200 thousand people (as it was then in Karaganda) for 4 years can make IS!! We live so far on what then did these ants in the rear: coal mining in the war increased by 2 times, in addition was built 18 mines. In Karaganda was launched first in the world coal combine, commissioned KarGRES, evacuated and works up to the present time the plant Parkhomenko. She worked until the collapse of the 90 shoe factory (in the war was the standard: sewing shoes for kids just out of the skin. Whew! Around war, but the kids have to go to shoe leather!). Evacuated and works to date confectionery (yes! During the war, continued to produce candy), was created by the industry for the production of construction materials from local raw materials (glass, brick, concrete). During the war, all workers provided shelter. First, the war barracks built by the end of the war began to build the house everyday. Made irrigation system (by the end of the war every miner's family had its own vegetable garden.)

But most of all I was struck by something else: the war years in the Karaganda coal basin has planted 450 thousand trees and shrubs!! (I'm in shock.)

I then asked our editor bands: Karim, maybe this is what Russian propaganda multiplies? (Book-then 51-year). It turns out that it is not people, but some demigods.

In other words, even I, a person close to the disk imaging, doubt the unspeakable things that could make our forefathers. What we talk about those who are not much interested in it and who "poured" in the ears of all the small stuff?

The result of all of this: for all the actions that I see every year (And of at year Information from the start, Russian, begins to differ to an ever greater extent), I see some kind of super-duper technology brainwashing. After all, the applicant IS a "cute" capitalists in the 90s, when the Alliance only fell apart, people would have ripped Yeltsin for heresy. And now the distortion is uniformly mixed with the truth with lies and to separate one from the other is becoming more difficult. And most importantly, the people in all the republics of the Russian otymayut their pride, their state patriotism. And some do not mess usvoy any society. As in America, all the average, this is not a single civilization, and the country of the Chinese, snow-white, blacks, Latinos, which keeps the bankers and the police.

And the worst thing: what to do? Simmer soup at home and pretend that everything is fine? And after all this power (I do not think that Mr. Putin is simply afraid and flirts with the West. Feeling that he is doing some kind of a global puzzle) does not oppose the … Well, they will make reference to the history books for some there evidence and documents. Later, establishes that it is not. History is something generally comfortable thing: I wrote any sort of garbage, made reference to the archives. Who are the ordinary people will be able to check — and whether there are documents in fact?

The fact that the world is going to the brain, there is the usual proof: Ukraine already zadolbali European moralists from 2-bruises on the body of Yulia Tymoshenko. Most recently shown on the news story about how the representative of the Latvian parliament, who is also the owner of private kindergarten, came to the kids with their friends … in the German form (with a swastika and all personal belongings). They were in charge of what the characters were uncles who fought for Hitler's war. Although the country has announced a boycott them?? If anything, remember: Hitler — it's the dude who made out of human skin handbags, gloves, lampshades … And the two have a bruise Julia, about the hysteria that all and sundry.

Is not that absurd?

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