Outbreak of avian influenza H7 in Australia


20.11.12.Avstraliysky Department of Basic Industries announced the need to score 50,000 chickens in connection with the discovery of these highly contagious bird flu virus. It is a strain of H7, outside of the infamous H5N1, which began with a large-scale epidemic, which killed since 1997, many lives in Hong Kong.

According to the head of the Department of Veterinary Services John Roth, the virus is not transmitted through the eggs and poultry meat. However, owners of the farm, located in Maitland, were placed in quarantine until the reasons of infection, the most likely of which are called wild birds.

According to the Federation of chicken meat in Australia, it produces in a year to 1.12 tons of chicken meat, worth about 1.9 billion Australian dollars (about 1.95 billion U.S. dollars). The bulk of the production is for the needs of the country and only 5% — for export.

Meanwhile, Japan has announced the import of chicken meat from Australia to provide details of an outbreak of avian influenza. The rest of the importing countries, such as Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and South Africa did not impose a ban.

As for South Korea, which last year bought 5.2 tons of Australian chicken, it shall meet the need for action on the issue.

Experts say that most strains of avian influenza does not cause illness in humans. However, one of the strains of H7 — H7N7 may actually lead to infection and even loss of life, but according to the World Health Organization, its prevalence among people is very small.


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