Outbreak of FMD in Kazakhstan


In western Kazakhstan destroyed more 1300 FMD infected animals

ASTANA. May 27. KAZINFORM — Tynaliev village in western Kazakhstan continued destruction of cattle, infection with FMD. According to MOE, burned another 1327 animals.

Loss of livestock in the village Tynaliev Akzhaikskogo WKO area began on Monday. Mortality after four cattle Republican Veterinary Laboratory, West-Kazakhstan region has diagnosed "FMD".

"In 68 head of cattle observed similar symptoms. As at 17.00 pm on May 24 killed 83 head of cattle in a fire. Provides land for the disposal of destroyed animals — said in Wednesday's press-service. — As at 18. 00 hours on May 26 destroyed by burning 498 head of cattle and 829 head of sheep and goats, "- said in a statement on Friday.

Akzhaikskogo police department employees, with a territorial department of the Ministry of Agriculture, exposed positions.

Altogether, according to available information, the village has 2,188 head of cattle, including 550 cattle.


24.05.11.V bordering Russia West Kazakhstan Oblast, Kazakhstan quarantined due to the outbreak of foot-and said the Republican "Seventh Channel". Foci located in the village Tynaliev Akzhaikskogo area of 125 km from the local regional center — the city of Uralsk, ITAR- TASS.

Loss of livestock in the region began on 13 May. To date, according to official figures killed five thousand head of cattle, more than 60 thousand may be contaminated. According to the chief veterinarian of Yermek Aytuganova, the virus is easily transported by wind, so in the infected area quarantined.

"In Tynalieva home to more than 100 people. Entering and leaving the contamination zone is prohibited. On the perimeter of the village put up security of the police, "- said the TV channel. Specialists intend to vaccinate cattle in the neighboring villages within a radius of 50 km.

"In the event of foot and mouth disease can threaten all the livestock in the region", — the report channel.

The last outbreak of the virus in the West Kazakhstan region was recorded in 2007.


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