Over North America are threatened




As found in the result of more than a decade of research Urukhayskogo University professor John Trades, the United States, Canada and northern Mexico by the year 2015 will undergo a series of devastating earthquakes.

From similar in nature, but is incomparably smaller number of victims killed at the time of the legendary Atlantis.

The fact that the movement of the tectonic plates of the continent as it may sound scary, like a catalyst does not cease to influence a technological activity. Basically it is — vibrations caused by the operation of the plant, the giant traffic intersections, subway and highways — starting lever destructive processes, without it poses no threat to the continental scale.

Although the alleged victim's unrealistic to count from one and only the number of characters in the figure is not serious in itself, is not destined to be killed all the inhabitants above mentioned areas. There is a chance to escape in the rural areas, have aborigines living their traditional way of life, as well as, of course, those who are skeptical about extortion, peculiar sensations familiar to Americans rush to leave the above-mentioned countries.

An extremely small chance to slow down an already running a lethal mechanism in the event that the three governments will take a collective decision to close all the sources of vibration. However, the probability of this is even smaller, because the state will throw for at least 200 years ago

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