Over Plymouth photographed classic flying saucer




Above the British Plymouth photographed a UFO — a classic "flying saucer" hovering over the city at an odd angle. Experts say that a picture — a real one. It was accidentally made a port worker, test your digital camera.

Pictures published by the Plymouth newspaper The Evening Herald, interested not only ufologists, but also members of the RAF, who wished to study them. The mysterious object — a circuit of a "flying saucer" — captures two shots of the San Budo, and at different angles. A local ufologist Bob Boyd, who was one of the first to read the pictures, says that of all the pictures he had seen in 25 years of work, these pictures is exactly included in the top five.

The pictures were taken on January 28 around 18:00 local time. Make pictures of a port worker saw a UFO once came home and pumped pictures to the computer. Plymouth City airport spokesman said that at this time from the airport was not. Ufologist Boyd said other evidence of the observation of UFOs have been reported to him, "but that does not mean that no one has seen."

Plymouth Society for the Study of UFOs have come into contact with the lucky photographer. "He was a staunch skeptic as long as it took these photos. Now he is a firm believer (in UFOs.) He was really shocked by this incident," — said Boyd edition of The Daily Record.

However, the Bild editor Daily Record Stewart Naykol to snapshots took a more sober than ufologists and colleagues from The Evening Herald. "Most of all I doubt is the fact that a UFO in the pictures was more accurate than the surrounding landscape, which is clearly" blurred ", — he said. Reported NEWSru.com.

Battery News, 24.02.2004 17:46
Source: NEWSru.com

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