Over the Lipetsk lit UFO




"Lipetsk week", 22.10.2003, Lipetsk, n42, page 7

Author: Nikita Belyaev

A resident of the 15th district Avdeev Maria (name changed at the request of the heroine) has witnessed an unusual phenomenon. At two o'clock in the morning in front of her balcony hangs a luminous celestial body.

— That night, October 13, I could not sleep, — a "Week" woman. — I went to the kitchen and drank some water and then noticed the corner of my eye in the bright light. Parted the curtains and froze in the sky over the area SWC hung a glowing red ball. This thing seemed very bright, she often blinked, but did not move from their seats. Then I woke up a bit and took the object better. This was not entirely ball as it were flattened top and bottom body. The glow of the rare rays of him came, and at the top it was stronger. Disbelief, Maria Nikolaevna woke eldest daughter Natasha.

— This is probably the moon — looking out the window, the girl decided Skov and fell asleep.

— Do you think the moon may be red? — Surprised Maria Nikolaevna.

— And why is it blinking? What I saw was just above the 10-storey building. Neither heavenly body so low down could not have. So I decided that it was — a flying saucer.

33-year-old Maria N. Avdeev tried to make contact with aliens, mentally sending towards the UFO greetings and questions about the purpose of their visit to Earth. However, the flashing plate povisel another hour and disappeared into the night sky.

Neither the morning nor in one of the following days, such an incident would not be repeated. But Maria Nikolaevna firmly believes that aliens will arrive again.
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