PACE has prepared a report on the new hard situation of the Russian Federation

A very tense situation looks with what the reaction is going to answer our homeland on another session of PACE. Speaker of the State Duma, said that initially was going to go to Strasbourg to convey to Europeans report the development of parliamentarism, but later decided to abandon the trip to the PACE session because vyznat that nail applets on it will be report Andreas Gross, a Swiss and a Romanian Giogri Frunda about how bad a situation is RF. Specifically, the report MEPs, as it became clear contained evidence that the Russian Federation is an urgent need to abandon the sentence Pussy Riot, end the persecution of human rights organizations, which completely abolish the death penalty, to withdraw its troops from Transnistria. It seems to be quite a bit and the report may appear word on who and what products to buy our home, at what the cost to implement the EU's oil, gas, coal, odezhku what to wear. Sheepskin coats or coats, fur cap and boots, so pick up a balalaika and sing "Kalinka", so as not to destroy the stereotype of the traditional European representative of Russian civilization.

Of course, if PACE focuses specifically on the report about the situation in Russia, the crisis in the organization clearly is there. This was expressed, and many Russian politicians, who said that in fact PACE — is a big dummy, which is trying by all means to attract attention to themselves.

State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Nikonov says that the vast majority of Europeans do not know about the existence of such organization, and what the reports at its meetings shall be heard and read is not necessary. At the same time, our country has taken in the near future to consider the position of PACE on our issue. And if Our homeland so indifferent to the PACE, here PACE and finds a field for activities, dedicating the work specifically RF.

If so, for PACE, as in its reports, simply not to pay attention either, saying it even easier to spit with the highest bell tower. If extremely intense response to the idea of Romanian and Swiss deputies, then it would and Russia have long gone. But our home is and its role in contrast to the role of PACE in the world continues to grow, which leads to worry and some representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly.

It must be said that the Russian delegation is all the same will go to Strasbourg, but without Naryshkin. Head of the delegation will be Alex gun.

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