PAK FA tests last

PAK FA tests continue

Press-service of the company Sukhoi said that flight tests fighter T-50 PAK FA last.

"In real time, which last flight and ground tests of PAK FA (promising aviation complex tactical aircraft). Most recently, the tests will join the second flying prototype fighter ", — reported the press office.

The press release says about the upcoming plans for the development of cooperation in the aviation complex programs from the last generation with Indian partners.

In December 2010 during the visit of President Medvedev to India, signed a contract for the development of conceptual and technical design of a promising functional fighter, between the Indian company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, "Rosoboronexport" and the company "Sukhoi". New plane will be developed on the basis of the PAK FA.

"PAK FA program displays the Russian aircraft industry and allied sectors of the military industry to a qualitatively new level of technology. These aircraft with upgraded aircomplexes fourth generation will determine the potential of the Russian Air Force in the coming decades, "- said Mikhail Pogosyan, the general director of" dry ", the words of which are also listed in the press release.

PAK FA is a unique aviation complex not only for Russia, and for the world as a whole, has a number for the first time applied the features and joins in the functions of fighter and attack aircraft.

PAK FA tests continue

Plane Fifth-generation equip a new, promising radar with a phased antenna array and a fundamentally new avionics, with the function of "electronic pilot". These promising, unique innovations are designed to significantly reduce the load on the pilot, so allowing him to concentrate on solving tactical problems. Airborne equipment fighter fifth generation will allow pilots to create a real-time data exchange, as inside the air group, as well as ground-based control systems.

In a brand new fighter will apply all the latest Innovative Aviatechnology, composite materials, brand new aerodynamic assembly and activities to decrease the visibility of the motor, all this will allow to provide an unprecedentedly low level of optical, radar and infrared signature. Which in turn will allow to increase the combat effectiveness of the aircraft in operation, at any time of the day, in all weather conditions, both by air and ground targets.

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