PAK FA will be released in a series with old engines

PAK FA will be released in a series with old engines

First party Aircraft fifth generation may come to the troops with "non-native" engine, said Air Force Commander Colonel General Alexander Zelin.

"At the current time we raise the plane fifth generation in a foreign engine, in other words, not on the one that will be on the serial swatch" — said Zelin.

With all this, he expressed the hope that by the early production aircraft deliveries will develop a new engine.

"In any case, if the first party is not native to this engine, the rest of the series — with the new "- explained Zelin, RIA "Announcements".

Recall that the serial supplies to the troops PAK FA is scheduled to begin in 2015. First experienced the initial batch of cars to enter the center of Lipetsk combat deployment and re-training of flight personnel in 2013. First flying fighter fifth generation took place on 29 January at the airfield of Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association, part of the holding "Dry". Machine spent 47 minutes in the air. Piloted fighter honored test pilot Sergei Bogdan.

As reported by the newspaper's gaze, in the middle of June, the Deputy Defense Minister for Armaments Vladimir Popovkin said that until 2016 the Defense Ministry plans to buy at least 50 similar machines.

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